i am fickle, easy to tickle
i try not to be lazy but can feel the energy trickle
from my being, like an invisible dribble
i struggle to control the rage
responsible for the formation of this cage
that entraps me, keeps me stuck on the same fuckin page
day after day...its wars i wage,
but never in battle do i engage
i'm always well dressed cuz all the world's a stage
i long to capture the earth in the tip of a pen
i'm always on the hunt for the purest level of zen
i enjoy talking of the days way back when,
though i've barely scratched the surface of life...who knew then?
that i would grow into what iam today;
a vibrant colorful soul amoung many cold and grey,
ceaselessly curious and constantly at play
i would never trade my life for that of another
less daring, rule-baring boring life lover
the thought of an adventureless life makes me shudder
i wonder, what would i be like if i had never
experienced the insomniac powers of the nite?

would i lack the spark required to make happiness burn brite?
i thank the stars for their secrets, the moon for her respects,
and music for comforting my entity like a feather mattress.
let me be one with the flow of life and freed at last from the torrents of stress
give me rest from the confusion of the everyday rythm
found in this nightmarish delusion
i am my own worst enemy
i smile, while all the while, i am killing myself slowly
maybe i'm not as bad to myself as i think i am
dare i enjoy my youth while i can?
maybe karma will spare me this time
something tell's me its gonna turn out fine
just one more pill or fat white line
i promise i will test my luck just one last time...

nada 31