it's fryday nite at the klub
and i'm out to play with the crew and some dubs
(even amanda's here, and it's her first rave too!)
the beat is bumpin', the crowd is jumpin,
i feel energy thumpin, my heart is pumpin
i feel absolutely fantastic as i take to the dance floor
then i run into mark and my excitement grows more
though (i must admit) i cannot help but wonder as the house and ambient bump
where the jungal is and when it'll contribute to the bass's thump
when i mention this to mark, he smiles and replies,
"look at the kande housecat
asking 'where's the jungal at?'"
i ask him what he means and why,
but he just returns a look that's sly
i migrate to the chill room to catch some air
when i notice jordan and daniella standing there
i give them hugs and discover they each popped a pill
"hey, i'll be back later to give back rubs and chill"
i dance back to where my homies are standing
and that's when brian starts his bitching,
"this party sux, where's all the jungal?
the security are dicks... let's go home and smoke a bowl."
"k'mon brian, this is an undergorund, you know as well me
that the music will vary in quality.
you can get high at home anytime...
jungal will play soon, don't whine."
THEN aaron has the balls to say,
"well, i have a headache, so we're not gonna stay."
"what the fuck aaron, it's not even 1'o'clock!
you've partied in worse conditions and never wanted to stop.
besides, amanda's here and this party's about to go off.
i don't know about you, but i want to stay until it's over..."
"this party sux!""fuck you brian, you're just pissed because you're sober.
oh well then, leave.
there's room for 3 in jordan's truck, and only 2 of them, which leaves room for me."
"baby, will you be okay?"
"don't worry PHJ, i'll get home safe. Shit, i wish you could stay.
look at them, taking my sidekick away!"
i walk them downstairs to say goodbye, then i find
mark and ask him woefully "why?"
"there, there, nada. don't be mad. now it's just you and me.
why don't we go upstsairs and smoke a ciggy?"

the 2nd floor greets us with deep rumblings of bass,
and a huge smile lights up my face.
someone's spinning jungal and it's exactly what i need,
condsidering my homies left and security won't let me smoke weed.
wait a minute, let's contemplate what's happening to me...
i'm being hypnotized by jungal's awesome complexity.
i appreciated listening to it before, but never let it in..
now i can feel it, it's overtaking from within!
my dance steps fall in sync with the beat,
no longer do i trip over awkward feet
i go downstairs to see if house can still satisfy me,
only to hear drum'n'bass with a live MC!
but instead of dissapointment, i'm happy to know
this party has turned into an all jungal show !
it fits my mood and soothes my aggravation,
and it further heightens my interrealation
with the music... elevation in thought, keeps me dancing all nite long
an untapped source of creativity, keeps me going strong,
and that's when i realize that a revolution has started;
that evolution is inevitable, something we must all be part of
i'm devoloping into a higher form by deciphering jungal's beat
it hit me like a sniper, unexpected and deceivingly neat
there's no turning back now, i'll never be the same
jungal is now on my list of "things that keep me sane".


-nada 31