Skin O’ My Teeth by Sam 08

Are these my last minutes? Will it happen on the way there or while coming back. If I could have a choice: I would take the way back. If I’m to die in a car crash, I hope that it is after a night of dancing and fun. My thoughts return back to the road and I think to myself: Aren’t we going just a little too fast, cutting in just a little too close?

These are my thoughts before almost every rave. We spend so much time in cars and know of so many people who have perished inside of mangled metal and plastic, that sometimes I cannot help but think: “Is it only a matter of time before this happens to me?” Driving to a rave is an exciting event. I keep myself reserved in front of others and try to remain calm, sometimes my emotions get the better of me and I explode into joyous laughter and begin to spout jokes and happy memories of past raves. Sometimes I’ll catch my self in the middle of such moment with a thought of could this be foreshadowing to an unhappy end. Car crashes are so stupid, and happen for tiny mistakes that go unnoticed for a hundred incidents until that one time when the conditions proved how important that mistake really is.

Ravers are either exceedingly brave or stupid. Venturing out for a night of fun in spite of the dangerous journey that lies ahead, and an even more dangerous journey home. I attempt to accept my fate, and brush away the fears that may prevent me from living my life. I go to raves in spite of dangers, but in addition I think that one simply has to be careful; driver and passengers alike. With dangers lurking behind every turn, the driver has a lot of responsibility for the car and most importantly the responsibility of safely transporting the passengers, this the driver must realize. I would d hate to get in a wreck before a party, nothing could make me more disappointed than missing a party. There are ways to avoid a bad vibing night. First and foremost, take at least two hours to nap the day of the event, it will reclaim energies for the party and the long drive. Second is to drive sober. Third for the driver and passengers to hold the excitement until getting to the party, the passenger does affect the driver so the passenger holds responsibility of making the drivers job as easy as possible. This maybe the hardest one to do, but it will make so much more fun at a party… all that repressed energy bursting at the seams with flowing baselines. What beautiful sight to see girls jumping up and down and guys leaping with joy inside the gates past security guards. Fourth advice is stay calm and collected in front of the border checkpoint officer, they can smell fear they’ll bring out dogs find your fun and ruin the vibe. Fifth is while driving in traffic, staying cool is the best thing one can do, that’s the place where most people get into most accidents.. so stay cool grasshoppers and if you gotta pee make sure that you can run, fast.
Here’s to more happy memories. Everyone still remembers about the kids that drove off a cliff two years ago, I just hope that it is not you or me. I accept the fact that because I spend so much time behind the steering wheel, it could be the place where I hear my last song. Although some ravers may think that that is the way to go... after a party of a lifetime, I disagree with that ideology because I’d hate to taint such great thing with my red blood.