Trance Headz: What I See by Lila Podlewski - 73

A person
in awe
of the new trance head beat
Shining eyes
bright lights
bounce off smiles
all through the night
Hugs and kisses
high fives and misses
a little fuzzy bear
a girl in just underwear
Spinning glowsticks
with worn out strings
the Nordic Trackers slide
light shows mezmorize
The music...
Has numerous beats
folks march to their own drum
differently but right next to someone




So why do we separate the people?
Why do we blame our discrimination
on the innocent music?
Shouldn’t it unite us?
We’re all just getting out on the weekend
There must be something we have in common
We’re all here at this party together
That’s gotta be worth somethin’
Then how come it seems like 3 parties in 1 place?
Why come together, to separate the space?
Do we fear what we might see in a different room,
with a different scene?
“That’s not what I look like!
Oh no, it’s someone different from me!”
Well what the fuck!?
Don’t we insist clothes don’t mean much?
Isn’t that why we have the scene?
We all preach this philosophy
And yet we can’t seem to practice what we preach