5:18 left on the backwards counting
tells me i can listen to 5 minutes of drowning
before i rewind her

with 4:10 on the clock, it's time to flow drum n bass
specifically: why i take this music as my faith

broken beats and special effects
of low frequency tones
for those who love it, we feel its effects
much deeper in our souls

great to dance to, but that's just an expression
what you don't know is this dark noise is medication

not a drug
not something that hurts me, it never was
it doesn't always make things better, but sometimes it does

salvation on a disk, burned five generations
passed on by junglist from other nations
underground drums, not on radio stations
some tracks made by friends, their own creations

sometimes the disk skips (its been through a lot)
sometimes a little too much,
and my headphones pop
but, yet, i love it as such
why do i put up with the skips and the pops?
it's a deal, when the noise fills my head, time stops

i fell in love with it when i heard it the first time
but it's more to me now, it is where i go to get away from my life
it always has time for me, even when homies don't
and it's there for them too, they're in the same boat...
some say its wrong to depend, and argue i won't
but the point of drowning is that you need to stay afloat
it not so important what helps, how or why
but at least it's better than K, getting faded or high

and please understand the vibe, i want it to be known
why junglist dress darkly and leave our candy at home
why we go to massives, but want to be alone

it's just that...
when something means this much, you take it seriously
it's a personal relationship that comes before Unity
it's about Respect and Love for these broken beats
and for the bass lines that give our minds Peace


All of these pics are from "Dread" and "Urban Coalition"

Dread was especially dope, by the way.