The line is long as SHIT, the guest list is closed, they will not let anyone without 18 and up ID in, they don't want to let us bring in our camera, and this is after we bought some tickets for $10. Ron, John (Heads of ROAM), and Reza (Head of GO Ventures) had a look on their face like "I can't do nothing for ya, and I am not gonna try."

"Ron, from now on if you are going to make us sneak into your parties, let me know ahead of time. This guest list bullshit is for clubbers anyway. See you inside" I give Ron and his girlfriend Tatiana cigarettes and I am off to get in: one 18 year old Junglist/Housecat with no ID, and one photographer complete with burley ass camera and 7 rolls of 800 speed kodak. A split second of eye contact with Marcus is all it takes to communicate “meet me at the South side of the building in 4 minutes, and then we'll smoke a cigarette in the Jungle room.”
Matt and I used our tickets to get into the party. Matt tells me that Jason and Marcus didn't get in, which I knew. I also knew that was going to have to change. As far as I am concerned, the only rules at a party are that everyone has to get in and everyone has to get home. How I was going to get them in (this time) I had no idea, except that the South side of the building had a lot of doors, and no security. I take one look at the main room and know that I have to get Marcus and Jason in. I can't leave them outside all night, and I don't want to leave after driving two hours to get there. I run upstairs and check a few doors that might just be the way in. Everything is locked. I am in the upstairs Jungle room and I like the emergency exit that goes through the kitchen. As long as nobody saw me go into the kitchen, I am fine. It is very quite, and very bright, and very obviously a place I am not supposed to be. (I wish I could tell you that I was cool enough to make food in the kitchen, but we were late, so maybe next time.) My heart is racing. If this works my friends are in and we will have a great time, if not we are going back to San Diego very disappointed. Going down the stairs to the Emergency exit, I jam open the one way doors to the outside of the venue. I have the words “I am looking for the bathroom” ready for any would be security, many of whom were carrying guns. But there was no security. I push open the emergency exit and hear the alarm going off, but it is only in my head. Outside it is cool and calm, the exact opposite of how I feel and what the party is like.

I walk around the building and I am in front of the venue, again, where I see Jason. I haven't seen Marcus yet, but when we get to the south side of the building I spot him waiting at a second story door that he thought I would use. He must have had 6 random party kids with him, so this would tie the most people I have ever snuck into a party with Love Fest San Diego 2000. All of us slowly, coolly, walk up to the door I jammed open with a piece of wood, and then I am like “Fuck This!” The whole crew is running through the building commando style. At the last door before the Jungle room, I tell the random kids sneaking in with us to stay down while we take a picture.

We bust into the party and scatter all over the place in case someone saw us.

Then I see Marcus, and we smoke a cigarette in the Jungle room.

For the rest of the night random party kids were coming up to me and saying “Thanks for getting me in!”

I was all “no problem who are you?