To the normal raver, this party seemed to be pretty good. No worries about where it was gonna be, just hey its a ROAM party, it has to be fun! Well, that wasn't the case this time....

After being turned down by many different venues, Hip Hip Hoorave ended up at Club Function in LA. This made Hip Hip "the all ages party", turn into Hip Hip 'the 18+ party'. Although many people bribed the security guards at the front, most of the crowd was of age. Security was really strict on the whole ID thing, which kept me from getting into the party. Have no fear, Mark came to the rescue with a very 007 like plan. After a relatively easy sneak through the back door and a photo opp. in the kitchen, we were in! Mark and I stopped to enjoy a cigarette just before heading our own separate ways.
The jungle room, which we happened to be standing in, was practically empty. I think I saw a total of 4 or 5 junglists in the room. Most everyone else was sitting down, and enjoying the basssssssssssss. I dropped my cigarette on the hard wood floor, and I was off.
The House room, or should I say "Breaks room", wasn't very crowded either. The back of the room was lined with tables, chairs, and a bar. You couldnt even see the DJ, which was pretty disappointing to me. In all, the room was more of a lounge. Outside that room was the balcony that went around the main room. It was pretty cool to see all the people from up there, and there were lots of people.

The main room was where all the action was. The sound was great. The DJ was set up on a big stage. There were people all over it, along with a bunch of lasers. It looked really cool. Before I got to the main room, everything had seamed kinda whack. The main room was definitely ROAM. The room was filled with tons of different types of ravers. There were quite a lot of club kids, and a lot of college people too. The vibe was really sick. Every DJ kept getting better. From Humpty Vision, to Mars, and the grand finale: Donald Glaude. Let me say right now that Glaude went off! I think he may have even been more into the music than the crowd was. He was awesome! Every song sent the crowd wild. No matter how tired I got, I kept on moving. It was really cool. After about an hour of his set, the lights came on, but that didnt stop him. People slowly filtered out, and eventually the music stopped.
When I walked out of the party I still had a smile on my face. I ran into a girl that I had helped get into the party. The first thing we both said to eachother was, Did you see Glaude?!?! It made the night final I think.