This party was called “In the Dark.”

That is all we ever knew about this party as it was busted hours before we got to the map point, which was overrun with police.

I guess that’s what we get for bitching about EDC, a perfectly good massive that ended a little early. In hindsight, 11:30 seemed pretty damn good, because this party was nothing but police history by 10:20. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that this party was on or near Edwards Air Force Base.

What made the night such a dissappointment was the fact that we were all so excited to go to an underground desert party. For once, I actually felt like a raver.

We were SO excited that we equiped the Ravers Digest Civic with “Gran Turismo 3 Air Valve Caps” at all four corners as a performance upgrade, just so we could get there that much faster. We went about 100mph the whole time, except for the immigration/ do-you-have-drugs checkpoint, a brief traffic jam, and a street race with a Benz where we were doing more like 120. Little did we know that all of this Gran Turismo 3 action was to be responsible for ruining the night. As we roll up to the Map Point with dirt still in place from EDC...

Nada: “The Federal Government told the local authorities to shut us down.”

Sam: “I guess that’s why people don’t throw underground parties.”

Marcus: “Let’s go to the Dome.”

Mark: “Let’s wake up Ara and rock F1 cars in GT3.”

Matt: “Hell yeah, lets wake that fool up!”

We pull over on the way and buy 12’s of MGD.
A pay phone in L.A wakes Ara, for drunken GT3.
We’re kickin it, were drinkin, about the universe we thinkin,
Road races and rallies, an import game soundtrack
Then I realize why tonight turned out wack
You see, the very last thing we did before we got on the 5 north for a long long drive up to the map point, was to equip my car with GT3 air valve caps. The same GT3 air valve caps that my friend Ara, who lives in LA, gave me a few weeks ago.
It seemed like an innocent act, with no tangible links
but turned out to be sinister, a Level 4 Jinx
Instead of an all-nighter at an underground rave,
we went to Laguna Seca, Complex String, and Tahiti Maze
A full karma circle, right there for everyone to see it
They were Ara’s caps, so we had to chill with him to complete it.
We got home, did an 8:40, then I wrote this, the end.
(If you wanted a story about a phat party... so did I, my friend.)


 (840 = 420 x 2 AKA stay awake and bake)