Captions by Mark 37
After three hundred and sixty some days of waiting, Audio was finally here.
Everyone was planing to have some sort of fun, liquid or otherwise.
What up Moe!
These kids were bumpin the new, live AK1200
This meant you were close to the party, held at the Long Beach Convention Center
Guest List was fucked up, we had to sneak in, same old same old
This is why I love raving, besides all of the great music, the vibe, and the blow pops.
Here is another look for all you guys and "not straight" girls.
More cute girls

Hell Ya!

What up Kid?

More Breaking
Cool Pic, huh?
No matter where you went,
this party seemed like
the same kids
and the same everything everywhere, hence Homotistic
This is how E makes things look, not that I would know.

= ]
Speaking of which
Legal drugs were also available, but even more expensive
and that was this years Audiotistic.
I swear I am so sick of massives, I don't want to go
to another one until whatever is next.

To all the ravers who live for this world,
and who come to this site
when they can't be at a party, I say...

Until we meet again in those temporary realities we call raves, and Rave On.