(yo yo everybody !! this is really more of a note to my junglist friends who could not go to funktion for one reason or another, and is NOT what we normally have here. this may take some of you back to the early days of rave on magazine, when we would write before we slept...)

my towel was still wet from the shower i took before heading out to funktion in LA, so it was kinda hard to dry myself off after the shower i took when i got home. i abandoned the idea of being a dry, polo sport laced clubber after 34 seconds of raymond roker's set in the jungle room of funktion. i also decided to floss my (katey's) super charming bear ears since the clubers could tell right away that there was something really different about my raver-till-i-die self anyway. all of the club chics were, no surprises here, charmed by my (katey's) super charming bear ears, but who cares? i was not here to meet girls, i was hear to make mysef a better junglist, and that meant listening to and dancing to jungle!

i won't get too into RR's set, but i will tell you that towards the end he slowed it down to a crawl with some hip hop, only to mix in the fastest track of his set before letting DJ SS spin. this was a direct challenge to see if SS had any plates in his box fast enough to mix in, and i have to say that as sure as i am typing up this story naked and mostly dry at 6:08am** DJ SS had a record that was even faster. i would like to think that i could have danced to it, but it seemed like work so i got a red bull.

Deeper into SS's set, i got a glimpse of how the "other room" was doing, and heard DJ Sneak. I knew it was him as there was a little movie screen behind him with his large torso distinctly on display. i really enjoyed my time here, but there were too many spilled drinks on the floor for me to bust out my riskier moves, so no 270's. there were some pretty damn good dancers mixed in with the cigarette and drink holding head boppers, but i am sure you have had enough of house area, and so had i.

god, jungle sounds so good after hearing anything but jungle...

grooving to house warmed me up and the jungle room was less crowded, so it was show time. springing like mad, i nonverbally made friends. next came sub flow, who started his set with one of the sickest plates of the night. unfortunately, his set was stopped only minutes after it started because for some FUCKED UP reason, the jungle room had to shut down at 3:25am, while the rest of the club went until 4.

i tried to talk the bouncer out of shutting down the jungle room by asking for ten more minutes, then one more record, and even for a measly last scratch, but to no avail.

so sad.

i consoled sub flow by telling him and SS that one day WE will be in the big room. until then, i say "farewell until we meet again, in the jungle dimension."


oh yeah, good news, there was a girl there who heard jungle for the first time, and LOVES it. i happily told here that things would be different for her now...

**(5:58- my clock is fast)