Imagine my delight and surprise to see the venue where I remember the best vibe and greatest times.

Drum and Bassics was held in the same LA ghetto off of Broadway in the middle of the train yard district as Strictly Jugnle (and Frosty, the Palmetto venue). Inside an abandoned brick building that was part of LA's earliest factories, tonight's venue was now an industrial graveyard within an urban wasteland.

I was traveling fully loaded with three other Junglists for maximum appreciation of this event. Waltzing into the venue felt refreshing as the strong beat thundered in my ears. The Spectremegamedia crew was smart; setting up turntables and speakers in the front courtyard to welcome enthusiastic Junglists. I was happy to see the same amber metal sliding door with the graffiti demon looking down at me, keeping his eyes and horns on those who entered.
 Decorations were nostalgic, the same as at Strictly Jungle: black lights illuminating black and red screens. Cardboard figures radiated with Jubilant colors, but were serious in content. The bass shook them, causeing them to swing back and forth.
Inside the factory, speakers were placed in the far right corner creating perfect acoustics. Sound bounced off the walls and was amplifyed before entering my eardrums no matter where I stood. My favorite female DJ, Sage, came to the tables with select records that made dancing unavoidable. However, I had to stop when the celebrities of Jungle showed their expert moves. Kande Junglist, Dub Print II cover girl, and even Monster Massive's very own Spiderman (breakdancer that showed up at MM in a Spiderman costume), all made appearances.
Poppers from Breakin Down the House graced the venue with their presence, their forms popping into perfect geometric shapes sparked awe, amazement, and competition. Dancer after dancer entered the circle to display their talent.

Alas, it began to rain and the front area had to be shutdown, people everywhere stormed inside. Dancing became a hassle and getting from place to place became impossible. Too many people in the dry part of the venue createed congestion and annoyance, however, the vibe was still great. Especially when the amazing Kande Junglist entered the battle circle. Her moves entranced men and stirred jelousy from ladies. Within the crowded confines, the temperature rose past the comfort level, and catlyzed water sales ($2 bottle).

A surpriseing variety of people attended this all Jungle event; Kande ravers, Asian Trancers, House Heads, and even punks became Junglists for the night.



To rule over them was as the most hardcore Junglist of them all, Josh King of the Jungle Josh himself.

Too bad we had to leave.