I barely know where to start and I wish it had never ended. Although I spent the night by myself-with none of my friends-it was one of the best parties I've been to. I rode up with Mark (37). At the very last minute April and Carlynne, a couple of my friends from school, decided they wanted to go up with us. So, we picked them up, spent $7 on Snickers and cigs, and headed up to the Dome.

I smoked with Carlynne and had a chill vibe going on the way up. I had a feeling this would be a fun party but, I had no clue it would be SO fun!! I've been partying for about 3 years now. I've witnessed parties going from $5 - $10 max to $15-$20 max. The price of admission these days is ridiculous. But the $23 I paid for Caterpillar Dreams was worth it.
The first thing I did once I got in was (literally) dredge through the impatiently waiting trance heads to get outside. Aaahh...you've gotta love L.A.'s fresh air. And it was FUCKING cold that night. Ofcourse, there I was in my khaki shants with no real sox and a tank top and cammy jacket. Never underestimate my power to look good in the WRONG attire! =) Atleast I had a bandanna to kinda cover my ears, shit! So, I walked to the speaker, dragging April and Carlynne. Loud music...bass...dance circles...

Kathy Russel was spinning. Can I just say that she deserved way more money than what she was paid, I'm sure!! Kathy, you fucked it UP!! I'm not usually impressed with skill but, your set was ill. She had sick tracks and something else...(drum roll please)...she could match beats! That's a rarity these days, unfortunately. If I wasn't dancing, I was nodding my head. There wasn't a dull moment. Mad props!

Next, SDF-1 spun his set. Again, props for the skillz. Now, SDF-1 had an MC. MC's are always good cuz there's more crowd interaction, it makes the set seem more personal. I remember just a little while ago when the mere mention of a lighter got a huge reaction from the junglists. The area would be kit up by the folks' lighters and torches...What the hell happened to that?? Ofcousre, most MC's are stuck up and forgetful but, MC Tommy D (what's up, Tom?!) happens to be a friend of mine. So, during SDF-1's set I got pulled "backstage". He was bustin' flows so I started talking to a couple folks back there. Brian, the guy I met back there, was drunk(as usual) and we had fun talking loud and clowning on peeps! (what's up, Brian!?)

Then, Heretic showed up. MC Tommy D is so good that Heretic asked for him to MC for his set, too! So, there went another hour that I'd chill with Brian and the fools he was with. But I had FUN!! I was chillin!! And the music from all the DJ's was distractingly ill! I'd be trying to say something and, in the middle of my words, I'd have to throw a hand up. SHIT!! Finally! Heretic finished his set and I could talk to Tom. (Don't get me wrong, it was sad to see him taking his needle off the arm...) " What's up, Tom?" "Nothing much, darlin'" = D He introduced me to DJ W. We took some pictures for the magazine and then he had to leave. Then, I was on my own again. I decided to go dance. For some reason or another I was ripping shit up. I won't claim to be one of the amazing dancers but I can move...anyway...I was having fun! I was letting myself have fun- that's what's really important.

Deacon eventually started spinning. He had two girls walking around selling his CD's. "Are those demos?"

"No, they're $15." Amber told me.

"FIFTEEN!!?" I thought, " but I don't have $15...I spent all my money to fucking get in!" Which is an entirely different story.

But I knew I would have one by the end of the night. I asked Amber if I could have one if I did a review on it in the mag. She told me to ask Deacon. So, at the end of his set, I walked over and asked him. He knew of Rave~ On cuz Amber's chillin' on the front page of one. He casually agreed to let me have one and I was handed a CD.

(Check Pocket Inventory)

~ Deacon's CD
~ Brian's #
~ Tom's #
~ April and Carlynne's crack sac
~ 1 free Happy Friday ticket (Mark had hooked up 6 free tickets
for the staff at some point in the night)

~ a pen (acquired somehow)
I don't think my pockets have ever had so much shit in them at one time. *(That was worth keeping, atleast) But, at this point, the outside was too cold...I was FUCKING tired cuz if I wasn't dancing to keep warm, I was freezing. I went inside(I know! I'm sorry!!) to check on April and Carlynne.

I was greeted with a huge hug from the two. They had met other e-tards who, apparently, they'd met before. Everyone thought I was rolling. They were trying to hold my hand and rub my back...Everyone wanted to give me a light show and explain their life story to me and explain why we were therefore soulmates...nah, but on the real...it was ridiculous. I tried to pay attention to the tripped out movie/comp. art display instead of all the fucked up people. Doesn't it just seem like they drip off the walls and slide down the bleachers inside or something? Fuck. Awno!! Being inside was FUCKING weird! I remember standing on the bleacher looking at the dance floor, and someone grabbed my hand and started massaging it.

"OK, you guys!! Listen, just cuz you're rolling doesn't mean I'm rolling!! Back off...I don't even know you!" I tried to explain but all I got back was:

"My name is Galax-Eeee" "I'mb Ttshinkerbell!"(through her pacifier) "Do you want a pill??" "Sorry, I'm Trinit-E" "Are you roooohhhlllliiiiiinn'?"

"Right, well since I know you so well now...," I rolled my eyes and turned around again. "Nevermind," I told myself, "Hopeless- I'll bet you're no older than 16, too."

I walked outside again. Shit, I mean, it's cold out there but I'd rather not be groped and rubbed and I would DEFINITELY rather listen to jungle than trance!! So, I ignored the cold and asked myself WHY I went inside to begin with!! By this time the outside was very cleared out. The DJ...well, I found out later that he's also a security guard. I don't know how he got to spin...he's an aspiring DJ, I guess. But if that's what his joint is then, that's what his joint is. But, I met Joe and Alfredo. Joe was short and ugly. Nah, really! Haha. The next time I saw Joe, I said something to him and he said, " You're the one I didn't call," and brushed his shoulder off. Which, I must admit is a good fucking line that I might just use myself. BUT!! (and correct me if I'm wrong, Joe:) I never gave you my number, homie! You never got it cuz you're ugly. Alfredo was kinda cute, though. He's nicer than Joe, atleast. Ha Ha... but anywayz...Don't worry, dogg I'm laughing about it. But we were laughing at the DJ and counting his trainwrecks and shit.

It was time to leave, for sure at this point, though. I went inside again-- (I KNOW, BUT I COULDN'T HELP IT!!!) Anywayz...I found my girls again and we found Mark and I made our way back to the car and we dipped. I smoked on the way home. Then, I went to sleep.