The entry room was busy with thirsty ravers, all of them yelling for water and blocking the entrance. I saw the usual attire on the party
kids: The big pants, 3/4 length pants, tube tops, sidebags, KandE, and bandanas. I knew that all of the staffers would fit in here… there was something for all of us. Now that all of us were in,

it was time to split up, explore, and have a great time. Being the faithful Token KandE Kid that I am, I first had to make a stop in the Happy Hardcore room. Paulina Taylor was spinning his usual FABULOUS set, and my fellow KandE kids were having a great time dancing to it. Since this was my first exploratory circle around the party, I only spent a few minutes in the Happycore room. Regretfully, but with a promise to come back soon… I made my way to my favorite place: The Trance room.
The lines on both sides of Masterdome's main room were long, and gruelingly slow. The 'pushers' and 'shovers' all seemed to have bad attitudes, which is not the best thing when a party is as crowded as this one. It seemed to take forever to get to that hard beat I love. I checked my watch on the way in: 12:15. Turning to the girl next to me, I asked who was spinning. To my delight, the awesome trance mix I heard was coming from none other than "DJ FUCKING EXODUS!!!!!". Her enthusiasm, along with the itch to dance washed over me, and I was almost crushed when I saw how full the dance floor was.
Hundreds of heads were bobbing up and down, as everyone matched pace in the infamous "NordicTrack". There was no room to even STAND, let alone dance. Ah, but you forget, young grasshopper… I have the key to any area in the party I want to go. It hangs around my neck, and I wear it with pride: My press pass. I put that beautiful thing to good use, and strolled right onto the main stage. There was plenty of room on stage for my big pants, and big moves… so I jumped right into the song and let the rhythm take over. All too soon, my exhaustion from the previous night's party took over, and my legs gave out on me. I made my way up to the DJ, and cheered on his excellent performance. After reveling in the DJ's charming personality, and fabulous looks for a good while… I had to drag myself away. I hadn't even made it outside yet!
Jumping back into the throng of anxious ravers, I tripped over people, objects, and other hidden things before I finally made it outside. Masterdome had again put up the big white circus tent, instead of the usual tarp. Kids were coming in and out of the tent in massive amounts. I could hear the unpleasant sounds of Jungle escaping through the openings. I decided that I would mingle, and hand out the new issue before I chanced going into THAT place. There were plenty of people eager to take the new issue. Most of them were the ones sprawled on the pavement, with nothing to do… but that's not the point. Whenever I would promote it as "not being a flyer", people would practically snatch it out of my hands! Soon after I ran OUT of issues, I ran INTO Mark… and being the willing participant he is, he suggested we go back to the Happy hardcore room. To me, that was an excellent idea!

"Welcome to MY WORLD, Mark!" I shouted over the throbbing hardcore beat.

I could swear his answer was something along the lines of "Everyone's so happy in here!"
We danced for a good while in this room, and the KandE part of the "KandE Junglist" was out in full. Smile plastered on his face, he was dancing along with the rest of my KandE family. Since the Happycore was in the smaller room, it was quick to get hot. After a while, we had to take our sweaty bodies somewhere else. I suggested we go back on stage… since we -could-, and so I might get a glimpse of that hot DJ again. So we did just that… and the two of us danced up there for quite a while. Until Mark said the worst thing he possibly could: "Let's go to the Jungle room!"

Now, if you know this Token KandE Kid… you know the one thing I cannot STAND is Jungle. However, since Mark had tagged along with me, I thought it only fair to follow him to the sound he adores most. So there we were in the big white tent: Mark was dancing his ass off… and I was just standing there trying my best not to cringe visibly. I can’t comment on how great the Jungle was, since I know nothing about that type of music. But I CAN say that the people in the tent seemed to enjoy it.

I can only take so much of that abuse… so after that, I split up with the group and again ventured out on my own. I went to what I believed to be the Happycore room, but it was now changed to Hardcore. Stopping in there for a while, I was almost tempted to jump in the mosh pit… but I really don't look that stupid, do I? I bobbed my head to the beat for a while, and then I was off.
The end of the party was approaching fast, and I had to test my legs out one more time. I crammed myself onto the dance floor and started moving to the upbeat tempo of PaulE's set. The crowd was really a tough one… but the DJ was doing a great job at pleasing them. Everyone was into the music, with grins covering their faces from ear to ear. This was the last my little legs had left, and I hobbled off the dance floor in pain. This was definitely my cue to go.
So, my final results/feedback on this party? Many were complaining that the lines were too long. The longest they have ever seen at the Dome. The music was great. The DJ's had excellent taste in their sets. Everything was very upbeat, and powerful. There wasn't much of a good vibe at the party, though. At least, I wasn't feeling it. Everyone seemed to be in a bad mood. I did manage to meet a few nice people. Which brings me to my final thought on the party: The highlight of the evening. The Token KandE Kid has a new crush. That's right, add me to the trail of lust that DJ Exodus is leaving behind. I am definitely in his fan club now.
Thanks to Planet-X Events for throwing an awesome party… and thanks to all the people who came out to support the scene. Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did!

 -The Token KandE Kid

Alternate (Original) Beginning

"We're on the guest list"
'There is no guest list'

I could see Mark trying to work his way through the door, but the ticket-taker and security guard were not budging. I had already gotten into the party with the help of a handy MC wielding his power and bringing his "guests" along with him. How were my fellow staffers going to make it in when we had obviously been lied to about a guest list?

"I'm with Raver's Digest" he replied and that's when it happened. Mark pulled out his new Plexiglas press pass, and our first issue of Raver's Digest… in color and HOT off the presses. As I watched the action from my place at the door, I could not help but smile at what happened next.

"I'll get your passes right now"… and she ran off to do just that. WHAT IS UP NOW?! I wanted to scream, but since that would be cocky, and WRONG of me… I didn't. But I sure thought it. And as Mark finally made it in… our shared smiles said enough.

Raver's Digest had arrived.








March 3 (Saturday) - AntiGravity by Planet-X Events

$5 before 10pm!!! Early arrival highly encouraged. Area 1 (Trance/House/Techno): Thee-O, Paule, Mr Leo, Neil K, Chris Ewen, AO, Exodus, Cevin Foster, B-Swift; Area 2 (Jungle/Drum n Bass): Syphon, DJ W, Codec, Dub TF, Murder, Eratic; Area 3 (Hardcore/Happy Hardcore): Paulina Taylor, Lostboy (special b-day set!!), Cyanide, Carpe Noctem, Azrael, Atrayu, Delusion. Located at the Masterdome. Info 323.960.4486 / 714.550.4707