Sugar in the morning,
Sugar in the evening,
Sugar at the Blue in LA.

As I entered Club Blue, nothing but vibe and anticipation perplexed my cranium.
The floor plan consisted of white drapes, televisions full of exhibitionism/voyeurism, stimulating graphic designs formatted on a wall, and half circle booths. As I walked through more white curtains into the next room, a DJ was spinning behind the bar. Rainbow lights grazed my cheek as I came to a couch, where I sat and took in what looked like a promising party.
Around midnight, Sugarbeats evolved into an overwhelming and stimulating party, incurring great music, great people and enough water to save a beached whale. While sipping back on a Red Bull I found a door leading to a chill out room that was an overcrowded and smoggy -- due to habitual smokers like myself. A social plethora of people, but nevertheless it became a vast improvement over the deplorable racket of the hip-hop**. There I met a cute Kandy kid that stayed with me a good remainder of the night. She helped me understand what makes a party like this fun. At about one o'clock I was mis-interrogated by security, which I didn't feel was right, but security apologized and I was back on a mission for the vibe.
Waiting for Hip Hop to start or to end?

Mixing the Sugarbeats' Trance and House crowd into Club Blue's Thursday night Hip Hop party caused some time monitoring on both sides.

Toward two o'clock the number of people started to dissipate, allowing more dancing and sitting to take place. With the Kandy kid at my side, an extraordinary vibe was felt. Everyone around me, even security, was enjoying themselves. No one reflected hate or jealousy, just love. According to Sugarbeats veterans, previous Sugarbeats have been a lot better**, but since this was my first Sugarbeats, I really had no basis for comparison. This was just the party I needed to get over my turkey and mashed potato disappointment. 

** The sweetness of this Sugarbeats was diluted by the two Hip Hop parties combined into it

Oh, I forgot to mention one of the best parts of the whole evening THE BATHROOMS!! Yes, you read correctly, the bathrooms. If you went to Sugarbeats you know what I'm talking about. If you didn't go, let me sum it up for you: It had space for a small group, contained a Kandy store with glowsticks and sugar coated goodness (candy), a toiletries bar that was stocked with hair gel and cologne, and Emanuel- who handed you towels (what the hell).

Why did I mention the scintillating latrines? Well, if you have ever gone to a party at a massive or the Dome, you have a 1 in 3 chance of slipping on something a college laboratory wouldn't do tests on. With that in mind, or not, depending on your mind, Surgarbeats was sweat glaze and a confectioner-good time before starting my holiday shopping.

Two sister and their brother take a break from showing the club crowd how to dance, but...

Sam never takes a break from giving photography lessons

November 23 (Thursday) – Sugarbeats Thanksgiving Day

DJ's: Thomas Michael, Taylor, Doran, Flashin' Eddie Fowlkes, Zack Hill, Paul-E, SDF-1, Deacon, Sugarbeats Crew (Coolwhip, FiveStar, Hysum) and more to be announced!! Come celebrate with the holiday tradition... Info 310.281.7589 / 323.960.7925