The REAL Line-Up

Everyone knows that standing in line pretty much sucks but I've never realized how bad it truely is until Friday. Upon entrance to Happy Go Lucky I set out to find my friends - most of them had gotten inside in a timely manner - throughout the night I kept my eye open for my other friends that I'd seen in line earlier that night *at like 10pm*. By 3am I saw one of the guys that was with John and company, I asked him where John (and company) were and he told me that at 2am they decided to leave ($25 poorer) and that he had just gotten in. How horrible. What did John do that he didn't deserve a speedy entrance into the party? Maybe it's cause he didn't get his tickets from Groove or maybe it's cause he doesn't know someone who knows someone who knows someone who's "important" enough to be on the guest list. Poor John thought that all he needs to get into a party is pre-sale tickets. Unfortunately that's not really true.

I think back to the worst line I ever waited in and it had to be a party called Trust. We all got there early and excited (woah-we are actually at a party before midnight!) - it was like 10pm. We had tickets in hand and were all lined up along the walls outside the Fox theater. We eventually had to cuddle because it got really cold out there and when I checked the time it was 1am. We'd only moved like four feet since we got in line at 10 - so then we did what any raver in their right mind would do --- Cut. A friendly group of kids were happy to let us cut into their little group, they were probably figuring it was six more bodies to keep them a little warmer. I was starting to get a little angry around 2:30am and we weren't going anywhere. The music was teasing me inside and the security was charging kids with presale 20-30 more dollars to get inside. My friends were begging me to give up and go home. I looked over to my friend from work (first rave) and said I was sorry. Needless to say she never gave raving another chance but who can blame her. We got home at 4 am and watched tv - making the best of our night. I figure that's the time I learned some valuable lessons about standing in line and what I could do to keep busy.

1) Make friends with the people standing in line with you - sometimes waiting in line can be more fun than the actual party.

2) Try hard not to be a fire hazard. I just always hear security saying that - especially at the Fox. Although, that might just be a general rule you should follow every day, it can never be good to be a fire hazard.

3) If you've been in line for an hour or more - it's time to start plotting your route to cut.

4) Now that you've cut - Make some more friends (in fact, some of the friends you just made will probably cut with you and they will get to meet some new people too).

5) Play with the people who did drugs in line. They are always fun.

6) Dance - not only will it entertain you but it will entertain others in line as well. Whenever I see a good dancer moving around outside it makes the line a little more tolerable.

7) Sleep.

8) Make fun of the security/drug dealers that are running around. They've all got those funny catch phrases.

9) Read the latest Rave On Magazine (now Ravers Digest) teaser. If we give you one you'd better take advantage, it makes for hours of entertainment. I could make another list of things to do with an issue of Rave On but that would take me all day.

10) Find something to eat.

Katey 34