Sam 8 tells about a long, long wait for world class music and a once a year type of vibe. 

The line of cars seemed to stretch for hours, yet it moved briskly through downtown LA. The stench was morbid, the type that only rotting bodies could create. Gated parking lots with dogs and barbed wire were rounding up cars left and right prices such as 10 and 15 dollars. Alternatives were dark, murky, and unfriendly streets, old rustic houses, dogs, and unfriendly inhabitants were the monsters inhabiting these dark woods. Patrolling cops admonished to take everything out of the car because “It [the car] will be broken into.” (Note: these streets were not bad compared to DC 37)

RaveOn's own Katey waits in a row of cars with literally thousands of party kids.

Gerick of Go Regulates the G.L.
By 10:30 the wristbands were long gone and a $10 sign was posted at the guest list line. These guys were not on the list and these guys had no tickets; were common guest list mishaps. Gerick of GoVentures was overwhelmed by the organizational problems, yet he managed to pull it off by using his Kung Fu skills [he was in traditional martial arts garbs], helping all that were in need.

A UCSD student Ben said: “GoVentures is the most unorganized Production Company ever.” Not true, but there was the fact that some waited over three hours to catch a glimpse of their favorite DJ. The line was a great dark python, bending around the curves marked by the boundaries of the venue. “I thought it was hella tight but unorganized, and I was pissed at the line” said another UCSD student, Korrina Wong.

Security was not fooling around; checking every pocket, every secret compartment, not trusting even the clear walls of RaveOn's “War Machine” backpack. Party kids had to empty out pockets and bags into small trays, clearly a breach for most, unless that is they put it into their shoes. Security was misinformed causing many misunderstandings. Especially at the times when the fire marshal ordered a lockdown to be set on the arena, and no one was allowed to come in into the inside main Arena. People lined up along the windows, looking sad and trying to inch their way in. One desperate guy broke through yet in the moment of triumph he was grasped by a guard; rejected and sent back outside to wait with the rest of the kids.

(Note: Greenish Jungle Kandy from Katey says "YOUR IT," as in "TAG..."

Monster Massives lead to Monster Lockdowns
Once in, you could try finding the entrance to the Main room. Walking down to the floor, you were bound to come up on at least one or two dead ends. The Main room floor was nothing but a sea of moving heads. The outside tent was impossible to walk through let alone dance. Jungle was as full as Jungle room could ever be, even core was a mass of heads bouncing up and down in synch to the fast rhythm.
Wherever one turned one would see masses and masses to where “one could not distinguished which head belonged to which body”- [Ayn Rand, The Mountainhead].

Thanks to a very well lit venue, even with all the masses of human flesh, one could be guaranteed to pick out his or her friends. The difference on Saturday October 29th was that one could be just as easily found as easily lost.
“When I walked into that room; that, I said to myself, is the definition of a rave” said Tatiana of R.O.A.M.; she summarized my feelings when I laid my eyes on the room. When walking into a facility so well decorated to the theme and to the function itself, one could not help to stop and feel the admiration for the work that went into a party of such grand scale. The $37 million worth of lights kept the room not lit, but alive. As if the thousands of lights, like neurons running with their secret messages to the rhythm of the rave. This was the heart, the brain, and soul of the rave. It breathed and sang as thousands of kids raved and danced. Surrounding the floor, huge fabric sections made-up the walls. Looking up was a maze of wires and support beams. At the head of the party, in a metallic semi-dome, stood the DJ, reflected upon by lights from all sides, he seemed to be more than human, he seemed to be an entertainer on a level above all.The hardcore room was feeding an energy that could be compared only to a supernova. "That was some of the best hardcore I have heard in a long time.” said Nicole, our resident Candy Kid. Leaving the melodic notes of trance, one was to hear the fast rhythm and resonating synthesizer notes of Hardcore and Happy hardcore. Candy kids and angry punks were nearly bashing their heads open against the speakers. Above them hung at the ceiling were three skinned carcasses. The room had a feeling of death, darkness, and pounding fear.  

Although Outside Trance area was considerably smaller than the main room, the musical talent was not by any means any smaller. The location was dark had little room to dance. A girl walking through the crowed, hands high over the crowd, carrying her fair purple wings in her hands to prevent any damage was a memorable scene.

The Jungle area at MM was by far the biggest Jungle I have seen, it was also the most occupied Jungle. A huge area bordered by trees and concrete floor, it was located below the bridge to the arena, a perfect place to watch the dance talent. DJs playing beneath the huge bridge which amplified the sound. Bass notes raised my arms and legs and moved them to the melody and beat. I could not stop dancing, the music was in control of my actions. A breaker competition began to the side and some very talented breakers came out to show their work. Performing amazing tricks, these breakers overcame the limits the mind sets on the body.


Did Somebody say... BATTLE?

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Heads or Tails?
Most theme raves have nothing in common with the theme other than a few cheap posters. MM however was equipped with all the goodies, including hanging carcasses, dead bodies, and even a special haunted walkway. There were ghouls, ghosts, and goblins devouring human flesh under terrifying (?) strobe light effects. Professionally done and a great place to take a girl to get away from the insanity for a while. As soon as I left this graveyard I saw two guys in complimentary costumes. One was wearing the head of a dragon and a suit fitted with green and red blinking lights. His partner was wearing an identical suit with a huge tail affixed to his back. They were like a national monument to a tourist group from Japan. They couldn’t make ten steps without someone asking them to pose for a picture with them. Like everyone else wearing a costume, they were very friendly and very outgoing to show off their costumes. Not everyone was so creative. Some tried to get discount tickets at the booth by attempting to explain that they were really Junglists dressed as Candy Kids. The ultimate was Sarah in her amazing Native-American outfit. She towered over me in the platforms and wore skimpy garbs and feathers with the confidence of a chief’s daughter.
I will look back with a smile when thinking of the plethora of hot women, good music, and great vibes I got from Monster Massive. Unfortunately many weren’t so happy with this party: “I stood in line for 4 hours. I will NOT be attending ‘Together as One.’ I am never going back to the arena again” said Resident Candy Raver Nicole. People waited and waited, some waiting never to even enter, while the music and fun just beyond the chain linked fence teased them with the party that was happening full force on the other side. The line, a thick swarm was let in three people at a time on two sides of the venue. No one should have to stand in a line for that long, especially when they have paid a considerable sum of money to get in. This created a huge gap in the vibe existing on the two sides of the fence: a feeling of euphoria on one, and a feeling of being cheated out of fun and money on the other.
The sad truth is that overdoses will be a part of raves until some type of anti-shoe device can be implimented.


Self Explanitory Event Guide
Special props to Sam for covering Monster Massive singlehandedly, as other Rave On Staffers were too busy playing tag, and spanking very naughty girls...