Zelda II The Adventures of Link by Sam 8


You are now Link. On a journey for righteousness, justice, music, dance, and love. That is your mission. You travel hundreds of miles, or maybe just a few, to the evil FOX fortress. Even though you are still many miles away, you can still see the few remaining crimson lights that used to say FOX. Now its only up to the few and great people with a crazy imagination who claim to understand the bible that say what the lights spell out at the top of the FOX - Fortress (Theater) of Pomonia (Pomona CA).

In your carriage you weave through the maze of dead and forsaken carriages; a testament of what is to become of yours. Some already have flyers for the next gathering attached to the front. After time, you have to forsake your carriage and continue on foot. Your troops are already there, awaiting your orders in an orderly line. Ready to pay and shed their sweat for the mission. You charge ahead with your officer's pass and flash it to the guards at the front. After some scuffle you manage to get in, you turn back and yell to your troops to charge.

As you enter the fortress, the surge of combat enters your blood stream. You feel the rhythm and the heat of battle. After a few minutes your troops penetrate the domain of the fortress and begin the dance of celebration. Lights, glow sticks, black lights, and neon reflective clothing hit your eyes. You travel from room to room, congratulating your troops on a job well done and watch the Generals do their work at the spinning wheels of music.

You manage to walk up the great stage and look over Commander Tom's shoulder. As his bleached head rocks to the beat; producing music such that you've never heard before. You feel compelled to dance and express all of your emotions. It is pure joy and ecstasy. You jump onto the main floor and celebrate with your troops. As your happiness climbs and climbs you feel the heat rise with it. The heat begins to be unbearable. Your troops are removing articles of clothing and dripping with sweat. Yet they are unable to stop moving, controlled by the General's music.

You run from floor to floor searching for the basic element that would seem to everyone to be an essential right and therefore free. Yet the only sign of water is in a small booth off to the side of the celebration floor. It is handled by the king and queen of the fortress and they bleed your wallet for that refreshing sip of warm water. It's a trap. The heat is everywhere.

Dripping with sweat, you find refuge in the breezy hallways and next to the high-speed windmills. Yet, as soon as you cool off, you run back to celebration and become full with joy once again. You stay in the fortress all night until sunset. Your troops begin to leave; fatigued with the heat and celebration. You find your carriage, and begin the long journey back to Housania.

I would like to extend a special thanks to the good-natured guard to the promoters, especially Audrey and Nathan for great hospitality. Rave On Magazine sincerely appreciates it.

Words from the Scene of the Party
Amanda 33 at Zelda


The general air of the party was good. People fumed very hot, but happy. Commander Tom was rockin’ the main room at the fox theater. When I heard it would be there, I was disappointed because I'd heard a lot of bad things about it.

I think when people throw a party, they should have as many fans as they can afford. When people aren't hot, they are more likely to dance and the more people that dance, the better the DJs feel. When the DJs feel better, the music improves with them. There weren't too many people on the floor so that is a good sign. Security was very tight, and I saw some kids get pulled aside and searched.

I had heard a lot of good things about Commander Tom before I saw him, and I have to say he was a crowd pleaser. The kids enjoyed it. I stopped in at the hardcore room and heard Lost Boy. I hadn't heard of him before, but he played one of my favorite songs. Lost Boy rocked the hardcore room. He played some old favorites and some newer records too. All in all I really Lost Boys set. Kain was in the entry room. He spun some phat drum-n-bass. Not too many people stayed in that room, but it was a nice introduction to the party.

I had a good time at Zelda II, but the venue prevented it from being better. If it had been outdoors, it would have been twice as good. But, with a good vibe, good DJ’s, and good people, I had fun.

Area 1 (trance/techno): Commander Tom-Germany (Noom/12inch Monkeys), Chris Liberator-Uk (Cluster/Stay Up Forever), OS/2-Canada (Destiny/Phoenix Uprising), Marco Dux Baby-Uk (Noom), Nicholas Bennison-Uk (Tgn Records/Nice), Darky (DHV recods), Nova*B (agents of tommorow), Dusting Hodges (sound rehab/lust)

Area 2 (Jungle/Speedgarage): SDF-1 (protoculture/drunk&bass), DJ W (motivation LA), Don (drum and bassics), Jason Angel (playaz club), Starfox (telepathy/surreal mngmt/poison clan), EJ (nice), Struck (swivle) Area 3 (Happycore/Hardcore): Paulina Taylor (hypersound), Lostboy (systems insane), Bryan Falls (choonmasters/FunShine Ent.), YoYo (FunShine Ent.), Capsule (systems insane), Legion (Dub-L-Dose/lust/4beat), Delusion (choonmasters)