I love to go out with a crew of insomniacs, and party as hard as possible while the rest of the world is fast a sleep. The fact that they are wasting the night sleeping, missing the best part of the week, makes me enjoy my Pajama Sam late night adventures even more.

This week I went to pick up Mandy (were just friends) and her roomate for more of the same. I got there late, but what is a few minutes when you are going to dance until six? Either way, if you think they were ready, then you don't know chics. A little bit later, we got in the car. We went to 7-11, then got on 405, then got to the party. Thank God it was not far. I was really ready to have a good time tonight, since I had a long week at work, and was going to be there again in twelve hours. I do not call in sick after partying, because one: if I can't hang, then I should not be going out, and two: I love gpiong to work when I am all cracked out. "Wow this line is long, Nine!" "Don't worry, girls, that little guest list line over there is ours." "Hey Secret Staffer Number Nine, we will meet you inside, OK?" Security was slow, and not too thourogh, not like the pro's, you see at the Dome. Whatever, I am just happy to be inside. "So Ladies, what do you want to do?" "Well, gee Nine, that depends on you." That's what they said, but I know these two, they wanted a little something somthing for there heads. In fact...

These girls are craving liquid fun,
what have we here, it is Natan,
he's slinging, holding, and owes me one.
four hits for ten, two just for me,
each chick pitched five,
means I trip for free.
I am sure you've heard: all things in moderation?
I believe that shit,
just not when it comes to halucination.

Hey, Natan, meet me at the ROAM booth in five, I need to do some shit.
So I take care of that, and head over to the ROAM booth.
I know this is bad for me, but I was born with a sweet tooth.

On my wrist is a tiny little puddle, till I lick it,
I need to get ready, this is a one way ticket.
Thirty more minutes to enjoy being sane,
then King L gets to have fun with my brain.

"Hey, have the time?" "Yeah, uh, it's 12:04"
Thats what I thought, my thirty is over.

I need candy, water, gum
I need to talk to everyone
enough of that, now I need to to dance
I'm frying so hard that I'll listen to Trance
No wait, I won't, let me check my game...
This ones yummie "Your cute, what's your name?"
"You too, thanks, I go by Silky"
Yeah, and I'm Charles Sparkley
She's sweet, she's rolling, and she wants to snuggle,
but she's also boring, and my head needs Jungle.

"Hey, Silky, I'll be right back, I need a pacifier."
Silky knows me better now... or at least that I'm a liar.

Oh fuck me, these beats are furious,
but why, ah shit, look at that it's Curious!
Oh so nice, taking bass to tha dome,
better watch out, Mandy wants to go home.


"Hey sup Mandy, happy you found me!"
"It was cake, I knew where you'd be"
"Are you having a good time? Are you in flow?"
"Don't be so fake Nine, you know I wanted to leave two hours ago."
"Oh, I'm sorry baby, that shit slipped my mind,
you know how sid can fuck with time."
"That does not explain why you ditched me outside"
"Hey, co-chill baby, remember I'm your ride"

Later in the day is even more fun,
At work I act normal, I fool everyone.
OK, maybe, not everyone's faked,
Teddy knows what's up, but he's totally baked.
An hours sleep, a ten minute shower,
turn on the smile to save brain power
a weeks worth of fun, for a nights worth of sleep,
make craked out Sundays the best day of the week.
I grin like a wolf, and I laugh at the sheep
I have it all, the just get more sleep.