Tap water is the best water.

Tap water is not the coldest, or the best tasting, or the healthiest, but it is my favorite.

As the lukewarm, cloudy white water flows through my mouth, and the taste leaves a minute later, I get a feeling of satisfaction. Looking at (not through) the water, I know it is all I need to get me through the night.

I can drink all the tap water I like, because no matter how much I drink, I can never use it all up. Like all of the good aspects of a party. The purest and best components are the music, the dancing, and the vibe. I am never without them, so I never need to be concerned with hunting them down or not having them.

Those things that are not free cannot give me the same enjoyment.

In part, it is because if I can get by without spending any money, I am one step closer to partying for free, and if I can party for free, I can party as much as I want, for as long as I choose.

The tap water philosophy goes beyond partying for the sake of saving money, though. It makes you enjoy what is around you for what it is in it's most basic and real sense. What you experience is basic and unfiltered, and real. You have only what is happening to focus on, so you study it more closely, and if you find yourself enjoying it, you can know for certain that you are in the right place.