After the chaos of Nocturnal Wonderland (I don't wanna talk about it), it was hard for me to muster up energy, or a photographer, to go to another party. Nocturnal Wonderland took the urge to party out of everyone. It did the same to me, but I knew that the Coolwhip and the rest of the Sugarbeats Crew were throwing one hell of a party at Club Blue in Hollywood, complete with a DJ Line Up good enough for a Massive. Even more importantly, the good vibe found at Sugarbeats events is legendary, and was to exceed expectations this Labor Day Weekend party. So, I grabbed my camera, picked up Mattie in Longbeach, and headed up to Hollywood for a Solo Mission.

The Vibe: Sugarbeats parties are known for having a very good vibe, and this event was no exception. As I entered, there was a lovely girl in a Sugarbeats shirt welcoming me to the event with a table full of candy. Most everything these days is about money, especially in the party scene, but take one look at the DJs that were booked for this event. Now compare that to the capacity of the venue, which was only 500 people. Assuming that Club Blue was going to be filled to capacity there was not a lot of room to make money, since the talent at this party was expensive (but worth it). I will go out on a limb here and say that the primary motivation of the Sugarbeats Crew to throw a party is for everyone to have a good time. Imagine that? With that in mind, it is easy to see why the vibe at this party was so good.

The Venue: Club Blue had a beautiful bar, the nicest bathrooms anywhere, plenty of room to dance, and fitting decorations in both rooms. The darkness of the House/Trance Room was cut by green lasers, and the Jungle/Hip-Hop Room, mostly orange and brown, was softened by a cute spaceman transparency projected onto one corner. Outside, you could get away from the intensity all together to enjoy the cool night air, and the company of others.

In the Front Room, around midnight. The "Trancey Vibe" of Paul E's set, was later replaced by House from Dan, which was replaced by Trance from Micro, which was replaced by House from Onionz.

The DJ's and the Sound: The first DJ that I heard in the front room was Eddied Fowlkes, who was keeping everyone happy with his own House set, until DJ Dan, headliner of How Sweet Is, took to the tables. Dan got swept up in the energy and vibe of this party and could not help but to give us his absolute best. Usually when you hear Dan it is with three thousand other people, a different experience wholly than being in a room with three hundred people. At Sugarbeats, Dan had a feel for the smaller crowd, and his finger was firmly on the pulse of the party. In an intimate environment like this, he can monitor how you feel, and give you what you want. It is hard to separate how good Dan's set was objectively since I was having such a great time, so I won't be objective about it. I will just say that this was my favorite DJ Dan experience ever. Micro, from Moonshine, was up next, and changed up the pace with some East Coast Style Trance. His set made you dance hard, then slowed you down, then brought you back with builds that were timely, not annoying. After this it was time for more House from Onionz, who gave us another great set. In the back room, there was excellent Jungle from SDF-1 and Deacon, and Hip Hop from Rectangle and 5 Star to name a few. Being an established Club, the sound throughout the venue was excellent, with no problems at all.

Sugarbeats crew member in background gets noticed by guys, but pays attention to Dancer in forground, as fog is released into Club Blue- not yet filled to capacity.

Suagebeats was an excellent argument for having only two rooms of music at a party, and the next time you are considering going to a massive with nine rooms, keep in mind that you are not going to hear more, you are just going to miss more.**

Sugarbeats Labor day weekend event was perfect, and it shares that distinction with only EDC and Super Raver.

I have a feeling that the next Sugarbeats party will be added to that list, as well.

**except for Nocturnal Wonderland where you could hear three at a time, but that seemed to be a problem too.

SDF-1 keeps us guessing with Jungle tracks you have not heard before, dancers explain the music in nonvirtual reality. Sugarbeats longtime mascot, The Licker


Early in the night, the front room was furnished with comfy sofas for us to relax in. You could overhear patrons commenting on just how good water can be sometimes. I have to agree with them on that one, don't you?

The lounge was deconstructed shortly after this picture was taken, so that there could be more dance space.

Club Blue offered patrons more than just water,
but many were on the hunt for something even
more potent than Captain Morgans spiced Rum.