Snuggle @ Fox

-by Sam 8

Good Vibe, Meet People, have fun- all Free!

Have you ever heard a set that you just didn’t want to end, and then when it did you had to go and congratulate the DJ on a job well done? Well, that’s what I thought of Snuggle at the Fox. First thing I saw was a price list at the glow stick booth, at the bottom it said “Good Vibe and new Friends-Free.” You know that it has got to be an awesome party when they are giving away things that great for absolutely free. The DJ’s were phenomenal.

There was one in the entryway and another one on stage with no decorations other than a floating add above them. Lighting was very good adding to the overall vibe. Multiple high beams, strobes and patterns stood out thanks to the fog machine, letting the lights accent the body movements of the dancers on the floor. The theater looked very strange with the renaissance patterns running along the walls. The lights fell on these decorations, and at places there were posters left behind from last week's Zelda II. Inside it was very hot and humid. I think that getting air conditioning would do a lot for the Fox. As hot as it was, Gene the promoter kept spirits up. After 12:00 p.m. he came up three times to the center of the stage along with some girls helping him throw free glow sticks and candy out into the crowd. People streamed towards his muscled physique as if he were their hero bringing food and good fortune rather than candy and glowsticks. He then alleviated the heat by bringing out a cylinder of cold compressed air and spraying down overheating ravers white clouds of cold air, as if he were spraying water out of a fire hose. I noticed that the crowd was the perfect size, giving dance room, and a chance to meet people, and to then talk to them. People had a choice of hot dogs and assorted drinks along with the always favorite at the Fox: the three-dollar water. There was a hot dog cart and a good variety of drinks. In the bathrooms the usual smells seemed to be overcome by the aroma of chron. This was the one place where I think marijuana air fresheners would sell very well.

While Gene did all in his powers to cool people off, the DJ’s did all to keep everyone happy. The DJs that started the party off were Christopher in the front room with a killer set going simultaneously with Nova*B in the main theatre. He kept the music pumping, getting people off their asses, and onto the dance floor. Then came the long awaited DJ Nez with Shaheen performing live on the drums. People traveled from all over just to listen to this explosive duo. (Check out my article “Revolution, a Time For Progress” coming soon on Nez’s amazing invention that helped him creat his phenomenal set). While DJ Nez kept the sound and the beats of pure house coming out of the speakers, Shaheen would come towards his stand up seven-piece drum set including two very abused cymbals. He beat those drums three times in five minute intervals accompanying DJ Nez’s set. He would bounce back and forth smashing down on the cymbals, knocking them off the stand several times. The performance had great energy and great sound, although they were a little short, they were well worth everyit. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Consistently during Nez’s set, there were girls and guys dancing at the front. DJ Nez was in tune with his music, with no spotlight on himself, he let all of the attention go towards the beats. I was fortunate to be able to ask DJ Nez a couple questions. He said that the vibe was very different from what he has experienced on his tour in Europe. He said that in Europe people seemed to be a little more aware of House and the age group was different, consisting of 25+ crazed fans. I hope that older American crowds will come around to appreciate this style. Everyone was having fun, good dancers and lesser ones, heat or no heat, that night at the Fox with the Good and Plenty crew it was all good.





What it said on

Are you tired of the same old scene and overexposed djs? Then listen up party people. You are in for a special treat. From the people who brought you “Good and Plenty I,” “Good and Plenty II,” “Bounce” and “Bounce Thank You” brings you our best ever......”SNUGGLE !!!” Featuring a very very very special guest: DJ NEZ all the way from Tel-Aviv. Nez has been spinning at many upscale nightclubs all over the world including: England, Germany, Spain, Amsterdam, The Middle East, Japan and major cities such as New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles (Key Club in Hollywood) in the United States. His unique style of progressive house and charming personality are unmatched by any other. He has been dubbed “D House Creator from Tel-Aviv.” Nez is the best when it comes to progressive house and also very in demand. He has just recently finished his 6 week European Tour, and we are very excited to have him appear at Snuggle 2000. For all the people who love our past sure not to miss this one! This party will be better then ever and louder then ever. Featuring Area 1: Progressive House/NRG Trance : DJ NEZ (Rapid Productions/Tel-Aviv), Nova*B (Agents of Tomorrow), Dave Cee (Good N’ Plenty), Dj Kevin (Unknown Productions,, Christopher (Good N, Plenty), S1TH (Groveliners Entertainment/LA), Shaheen Live On Drums, Good N’ Plenty Angel Dancers, Sepcial Live Fire Breathing Show. As always, there will be tons of free glowsticks, water and candy giveaways by the Good N’ Plenty Crew. Area 2: Happy Hardcore/Jungle : Lost Boy (System Insane), Shorty (skwaDRUM BASS KRU), Giovanni (skwaDRUM BASS KRU), Jay Bee (skwaDRUM BASS KRU), MC Flip (skwaDRUM BASS KRU), DJ Rugged (skwaDRUM BASS KRU), Cosmo (Groveliners Entertainment/LA), I.C.K. (Good N’ Plenty). Intense intelligent lighting by Felix Lighting (guys who did “How Sweet it is,’” and “Audiotistic”). 30,000 watts of hart thumping high end Cerwin Vega cabins. Snuggle will be held at the Fox Theater in Pomona. All ages and all races (humans) are welcome. We will be snuggling tight from 9pm-6am. $15 before 10pm, $20 after.