Things that will save an L.A. Kid at a Rave -ZZ22

1. The 10 Freeway (To almost any rave venue)
2. Extra keys in a really safe pocket
3. A notebook and pen
4. Having a friend who is a security gaurd
5. Knowing promoters and dj's
6. Finding out if the party you're going to has permits
7. Doing any rave-related work, i.e. lights or sound
8. Knowing where a party will be ahead of time
9. Having tools in the back of your car
10. Having the info-line with you
11. A cell phone or change to make a phone call
12. Walkie Talkies (Very useful if riding in 2 cars or at a big party)
13. Safety Pins (for when clothing rips..especially the bottom of pants)
14. Leaving your I.D. and other important things in the car
15. Only carrying the amount of money you are willing to spend
16. If you are not driving, making sure your ride will not leave without you
17. Always having water
18. Making sure everything you brought is either in your bag, in your pockets, or in your sight
19. Bringing tissue paper (lord knows bathrooms usually don't have em..)
20. Deoderant (yes we hate sweaty people)
21. Baby wipes in the car (Unbelievably handy, esp. for outdoor events)
22. Knowing where an internet cafe is, in case you need to find a party on the go
and last but not least....
23. Nodoz

Things That Will Save a San Diego Party Kid -ME37

1) Water
2) 5 South (the easy way home)
3) A Vest (zip up if cold, unzip if hot, use as a towel if your wet, use as a pillow when tired)
4) Zipper Pockets (you must zip them for them to work)
5) Theo- Skywalking (smoothest CD ever)
6) Kinko’s (open 24-7, they have Internet access, and phones, in case you are lost)
7) Using the cruise control (at or near speed limit)
8) Girls who like Trance (when everyone else is mean, they will always be nice)
9) The good people of DANK clothing (they are also always nice)