I came to think about this subject in a strange connection with drugs. Most think that fun is all about drugs. And that's becoming a real tragedy.

Before Zelda II, I went to pick up Amanda. There were a few people at her place and as I came in they examined me and made a judgement about me based on my appearance just as I made a judgement on them based on their appearance. Some were skaters and others were ravers: wearing the forty-inch pants and candy. This dress code was a huge contrast with my untucked white short-sleeved dress shirt and my most comfortable dancing pants: a pair of blue cords. I had no candy or any other type of required rave accessories. My appearance probably weirded them out so the first thing they asked is if I smoked pot, a test to find out if I was OK.

Seemed like a gang initiation where I would have to kill ten people in order to join. Awaiting my answer, they heard me tell them that I smoked-out on occasion. This relaxed the room and blew off the pressure. Following that, Zam, a Persian raver with highlights in her hair and a pierced lip, continued with more questions. Some were about DJ's and music; the rest were more random topics, but as always coming back to drugs. She asked whether I liked rolling. In her mind it was a good test of a true raver. I replied with a no failing her test. "Why not?" "Have you tried it?" "Was it a bad experience?" "Was it laced?" The room was boiling over with questions trying to find out what was wrong with me. Finally she asked:"Well why do you party?"

I was surprised to hear that question from a hardcore raver like her. I felt that of all people, she should understand the reason to party. Was she really one of those that felt that a party was only good for a few hours of rolling? I told them: "I party for the fun, music, and people." They seemed
to approve of my decision. Due to the fact that having fun is the in thing to day. No more sports, or jocks; now it's about going to raves to have "fun with e."

My thoughts on this subject may be wrong, but this is my take. Doing pot when one is sick is one thing, but when it comes to parties must everyone be so fake that they need to fake fun too? Say you're pissed and you hit a bong. Yeah I agree it's all good now but what happens when the high is gone? Fill-up the bong and smoke a little more? What happens when you run out of the dough and can't buy bong water? You're fucking screwed. Now you smoked your best pot, you spent your last ten on a batch that a crack whore wouldn't smoke, and you are still stuck with the problems that got you smoking pot in the first place. This is an extreme case, but….

In my opinion there are other drugs that are far worse than pot. Most people wouldn't think that E is one of them. Last weekend I went to a great rave. I saw five guys smash their way through the dancers to get up to the stage and just sit there looking as if a real life Zombie just devoured their brains. I later got to talk to them. They were a bunch of have-been-jocks who loaded up on acid and e and went to their first rave feeling like they fit in pretty well. And they did because of all those other pretencious bastards out there. Real ravers don't respect that type. Real ravers know what
parties are all about and how to get fun from the party. These wanna-be-ravers think so because everything is fun when you have E. Therefroe they are doing the cool thing, which is fun. However, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a party was suppose to be fun without e. Is something wrong with me? Am I a freak? I guess fun doesn't matter unless you take something. I may be the crazy rebel, but why would I go to a party if it were not fun without E?

Ravers go to a party to get away from life. They come to a place where they can hang out with those that don't know them and based on that fact, accept them. Why ruin that high by taking E and getting away from the party, getting away from those that accept you. Why become another walking Zombie, touching and playing with anything that moves. I don't mean to lecture, I know plenty of ravers do go to raves for the same reasons that I do. But what of those those that only remember the good roll of the night? They don't remember the hot girls and guys they've met, or the great music they heard.

I never meant to sound like a dare officer. In fact it's none of my business what people do to have fun. I just think it would be a tragedy if I were forty not being able to party and dance all night anymore, and be forced to live without the memories of the fun and careless years. Parties are about
the fun, the music, and the people. But if you can't remember that, then you might as well not have been there at all. Party hard, have fun, stay cool and remember the vibe.