Party Tips

1) Eat a good meal before you leave the house.
2) Use
3) Get accurate directions to the venue regardless of how late you are.
4) If your dance style is E-puddle, stay off the dance floor.
5) Leave all of your keys in the car, except for the car key, keep that in its own zipper pocket.
6) Put everything that you do not need for the party in a large zip lock bag, so it does not get mixed up with someone else’s stuff or lost, leave that in the trunk.
7) If you like to meet people at parties, write your phone number down on little pieces of paper, and have them laminated, so that they are waterproof. Your number will have a better chance of getting home.
8) Do not take in anything that you cannot afford to lose.
9) If you have something that security will not allow in, put it in your shoe.
10) Buy ear plugs, or sound deadening earmuffs, they actually make the music sound better, and will save your hearing if you party a lot.
11) At big parties like H.S.I.I. pick a spot to meet at every hour on the hour, for whoever wants to not be lost anymore.
12) Be really nice to everyone, including security, this simple gesture allows me to get away with anything and everything (no frisking, in and out, all access, free everything, etc.)
13) Don’t put anything in a pocket that is not a zipper pocket, unless you want to loose it.
14) Bring a change of cloths, or at least a towel, you may be a little sweaty after the party.
15) Buy a small, rugged, water proof, plastic zipper pouch to keep on your belt for your cash, pencil, paper, gum, etc.