Subj: wierdness
Date: 9/4/00 2:31:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Katey 34)


I didn't like that party . . . I can think of a few good moments (and I plan
on writing about them) but I do agree with you, it was VERY dark. A dark
night and dark vibe. For a little while I just chilled and watched people
walking around and everyone looked pissed or sad or lost or all three.

I saw very few happy people. It bummed me out but I wasn't surprised
because my hopes were not high for Nocturnal.

I was into the location and parking was organized (AND FREE) <--organized
parking is extremely important to me b/c I usually drive and it stresses me
out to park. Another thing I didn't like was that the areas were too close
together, the music was overlapping. I hate that.
The only area I found myself enjoying was Happy Hardcore because it was kind
of away from everything else. The House area wasn't too bad either but
((what do I know :p)) --- oddly enough I met a few junglists who were
:nice junglists: and they were pretty cool. They went with me (snuggly
zipped up in a dark sweatshirt so as not to be taunted) to look for you in
the jungle area, multiple times. No luck though - alas. I was interested
by the Libertarian Party booth. Clever idea to use a rave as a platform. I
also met some interesting people, hung out with a different group (ex
boyfriend and his friends) Ryan showed up for a little bit then took off.
Just an odd night. I was asking people how they liked it and almost
everyone said "it was kinda . . . wierd."

Anyhow, I'm gonna go - I'm realllllly tired.

Talk to you soon.