On the way up to Nation, we had to take a rental car with no CD or cassette player. This was a blessing in surprise. As I tried to sleep in the back seat, I heard House music from 89.9 on the FM. Thoughts of how I would dance to it, had I not been crammed into the back seat of a Saturn, streamed through my head. It was soothing, and while I could not fall asleep, it let me get enough rest to be fully charged for the night's festivities. This was a blessing in surprise, because if we could have played CDs or tapes in the car, we would have listened to Jungle the entire way up, and the entire way back, since that is what the all of the people I party with listen to en route to every other party. Not a good way to rest. Yes, it is frightening, and when I tell others how difficult it is to be a Junglist, this is what I mean. In the car, it is all Jungle, all the time, except for when we are listening to more Jungle. Feeling this soft, melodic, musical touch of House, for once, was a nice break. I will remember it fondly, as it will never happen again.

Arriving at the party, we were happy to find free parking, and plenty of it, although it was a 10 minute walk to the entrance. Closer to the venue, we heard letters being called out from different directions in the night: L, X, E, K. “K is for cats,” I said, as I like to say. We reached the guest list booth, and with the average amount of disorder, we were handed 3 tickets from Channel 36 personel. On to security, I concealed Marcus’s Kamel Reds, using the elastic in the waist of my boxers to keep it just north of my special purpose. I stepped up to security, and annoyed him with small talk while he thoroughly checked my black flight suit’s nine pockets.

I love sneaking stuff past security. It lets me combine my creativity, skills in misdirection, and my Robin Hood sense of justice.

As I danced towards the party, a security guard got a little rough when I almost bumped into him, which foreshadowed security behavior and attitude for the rest of the night. This party was hot. Forget slinging, I was scared to take a Vivarin out of my shoe. Security, who I like to control the way Luke controls one of those ugly pig creatures, was hostile. Flashlights were lighting up everyone, and everything, right from the start. Alas, regardles of how hard they would try, tonight we would all see more E use than ever before.

Nation had the potential to be a great party, primarily because it was held at a great venue, and the DJ Lineup was typical of all Southern California Massives. In downtown Los Angles, between large office buildings, who’s occupants would return Monday, there was enough room for over 20,000 party people to enjoy a night of fantastic music under the stars. This event was outdoors only, with no more than a few small tents to separate the crowd from the sky above. There were 3 main areas for us to enjoy, the House Area, the Teck House Area, and of course, the Jungle Area.

The fact that there was a true House Area, playing authentic House Music, was a special treat. It turned out to be the best part of the entire event, although it’s DJ lineup was overshadowed by those of the Teck House and Jungle Rooms’. The House Area was a peninsula, seemingly extended out from the rest of the Party, and was the most open part, as well. Here, you could find the most dancing room, the most social vibe, the least people bumping into you, many of the best dancers, and of course, authentic house music. Not Progressive House, or Hard House, or Latin House, but original Detroit/Chicago Style House. The kind that asks you to be decent dancer, but in exchange, allows for the greatest dance sequences and steps. A good deal, if you ask me. It travels farther than any of the other genres before repeating. Wholly the opposite of Trance, which repeats itself as much as a promoter handing out fliers at the end of a party does. This area was all the way across from the Jungle Area, and was the best place to dance, not just because of it’s music, it’s vibe, or it’s room, but because of all three.

Now, I don’t want you to think that this was the only place that you could find dancing, as the Jungle Area had some of the illest poppers, liquid kids, and unclassified types of dancers LA had to offer. According to the Security Guards I spoke with, this was the most sober area, and contained the least rainbow colors. A huge inflatable gorilla, seemingly very angry, intimidated the crowd from behind the DJ booth. This was not a Disney Gorilla, this was more like the one in the newer King Kong Movie that really like to kill. The Gorilla was awesome, but I think that next time, the producers should spend all of the Jungle Room’s budget on sound equipment.

Just like at EDC, and at Cyberfest, there were sounds problems in the Jungle Area. In this case, they were caused by Diesel Boy. Come to think of it, I think that Deez was causing problems at EDC too... hmmm a pattern?? Very simply, Jungle is the hardest everything. It is the hardest to spin, the hardest to dance to, the hardest to appreciate, the hardest to love, and the hardest to feel loved in. It is also the hardest on the sound system, and Diesel Boy’s set seemed like a direct assault on the amps and speakers. When Diesel Boy spins, his set is as intense as possible from the first moment, until the end, or in this case, until the sound system gives up the ghost.

When the sound system was pummeled into submission, the crowd was not happy. The last thing anybody wants is 3,000 not happy Junglist. I was upset too, at the time, but in hindsight, it was the most memorable moment of the night, and I consider it another notch in Diesel Boy’s notchy belt. Who else could be so smooth, that his entire set sounds like one long studio produced track, and yet so intense, that even the amplifiers needed to take a break? God Damn, it feels good to be a Junglist. As such, I took great pleasure in watching Kandy Ravers run, not walk, away from this Junglist Stronghold, back to the Kandy Land center of Nation, the Teck House Area.

Last, and least, was the Teck House Area. Seeing this Line Up on www.ravelinks.com, it looked like it would be the best part of Nation. Apparently, Channel 36 thought so as well, as it was by far the largest, and had the most sound equipment. The Line Up included DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Terry Mullin, and many other great DJ’s. A huge inflatable spaceman watched over this area, and I think that he, too, was a little disappointed. This was the first time that I have ever gone to a party, and I can say that it was ruined by E. I don't care if people want to roll, go for it, girls are often more entertaining when they are rolling. I don’t mind if a few people choose to sit down in the middle of the dance floor, and I certainly do not mind if an E-Zombie bumps into me accidentally, BUT, when 80% of the dance space is taken up by E-Puddles, forming an E-Ocean, and you cannot dance for 30 seconds without being smashed into by dozens of E-Tards, it starts to kill the vibe.

At one point, a beautiful Asian girl with a blue outfit, and matching hair, rallied some dancers, and organized a circle. This was not enough, as Zombies would walk straight into the middle of the circle, and straight into the dancer in the middle. As a last resort, we locked arms to form an E-Tard resistant fence! A lot of work, just to dance, huh? Let me make this clear, your right to walk ends once you cross into my dance space. Don’t make me get rough, I guarantee you that you not have a “good roll,” after that. I thought about the situation for a minute, and then I had a great idea... Let’s see, way to many E-Zombies, way to many E-Puddles, I got it!! I can rearrange the E-Puddles into a protective E-Moat that the E-Zombies will not be able to cross!! It worked, until an E-Zombie broke through my defenses and bumped into me anyway. Then I went to a place where that would never happen. GOD DAMN, IT FEELS GOOD TO BE A JUNGLEIST!!



This summer has definately been the summer for Junglists. Every weekend there is a new party with a dope line-up, and believe me, Nation was one of them! Nation was located at the 7th Street Event Complex in Los Angeles. It was the same location for Hippie 2000. The jungle room was the best area in the venue. It was between two huge buildings that appeared to be large walls on either side of you. This helped to make the sound even louder.

As the night kicked off with Dj Don, the jungle room was pretty empty. As in most parties, the vibe in the room just wasn't there yet. When Dj Fury came on, the area seemed to fill up very quickly. His set lasted a bit longer than planned, but still the music just wasn't good enough.

When Deacon came on the vibe changed and so did the music. It seems like every time I see Deacon he gets better and better. This guy ripped it up. Deacon has a very unique style, and he definately knows what gets the crowd going. I got a chance to speak with Deacon after his set and he even told me that music sucked before he came on. A bit immodest about himself, but he deserves it. After Deacon came Diesel Boy. Spinning more often in Southern California now a days, this guy is definately a favorite of mine. His set was sick! Except for a small sound problem that lasted for a few minutes, everything was perfect for Diesel Boy's. He was accompanied by MC Buckshot, who in my oppinion isn't very good. Next was Technical-Itch and Decoder. Their set sent you straight to hell and back! EVIL is all I can say, these guys definately like it dark and dirty. I give them a definate 10! Konflict was next. Making his LA debut, I think that he is one of the best Jungle DJ's out there. I know a lot of people might disagree, but if you know the music as well as I do, you wouldn't. Straight out of the UK Drum & Bass scene, Konflict's style of Hard, Fast, Tech Drum & Bass kicks ass! MC? also added his special talent to Konflicts set making it that much better. Be sure to look out for MC? in the future, cause he rules! Back to LA for their second time since Audiotistic was J-Majik and Adam F w/MC MC. This 2x4, along with one of the dopest MC's out there, was the best set of the night in my oppinion. Spinning for about 2 hours, just as the sun came up, their set made my tired and sore body want to dance even more! It seemed like every track they played was better then the one before. I really can't wait to see this act again! Well that about did it for Jungle. Overall rating for the Jungle area is about a 9. Sound was near perfect, music was perfect, just needed a bit more room.

Definately a good party!



Okay, let me just start saying that I was very unimpressed with Nation...except for the hardcore and some of the hip hop.

I've been hanging out with a few hardcore DJs lately, and they turned me on to the music. I never really cared to much for it, until EDC. I spent about 2 hours of Nation at the GO Ventures booth. One hour of that was spent watching my friend and hardcore DJ that is starting to make a name for himself, Capsule. Capsule has spun at a few parties and his set at Nation was one of the cleanest sets I've heard lately. He has his own style of hardcore...different than your normal Ron D. Core or Rob Gee that everyone is used too.

I spent the night bouncing from Hardcore to Hip Hop to Jungle...staying away from my usual favorite, the Trance area. The Hardcore booth was the first area you saw as you entered the party. It was a large white circus tent, that also contained Hip Hop, so it was perfect for me to go back and forth between the two. I got there as Twinkle Boy was spinning his Happy Hardcore set. I am not much on Happycore, but I do like Lostboy. Hearing Twinkle Boy, I was unimpressed. I feel that Lostboy should have spun in the Hardcore area, instead, Lostboy spun at the Go Ventures booth. He spun many popular Happycore anthems, and as such developed a great following. Soon there was a huge gathering in front of the Go Ventures booth. It was on of the greatest things I've seen since I started partying. When I came back to the Hardcore area after hearing the rest of Capsule's set, I heard loud banging bass. I looked and everyone was speaker banging. The bass I heard was supplied by Inyoung, who was was impressive, and who I would like to see again. The next DJ was Static. I don't think Static is that great of a DJ, so I wasn't looking forward to him much. Then came the man of the night, out of New York, Delirium. Delirium is well known across the world and this was my first chance to hear him spin live.

Delirium spun the best set I've ever heard. I've heard Ron D. Core a couple times and Omar Santana once. Delirium put both those guys to shame. Later I talked to him and was amazed when he said that it wasn't even that good of a set. I also found out what a great guy he is. He is one of the nicest DJ's I've met. Delirium played a set that contained songs that he produced himself and other songs that were well known to the party kids. My jaw dropped to the floor. I am looking forward to seeing Delirium spin live again. Everyone was into his set. I always like to see the kids happy and having a good time, and I new they were when they started a mosh pit. Unfortunately, the pit was quickly broken up by security, which upset me. If someone with the musical talent of Delirium can make kids let it all out, let them go. After Delirium's set, I ran over to the Hip Hop room where none other than Mix Master Mike from the Beastie Boys was spinning.

I saw the Beastie Boys live in concert last year, but this wasn't the same. Mike played Hip Hop beats, while showing off his scratching skills. I've never scene anything like it, until the next DJ.
Q-bert was next. He is the best scratch DJ in the world, and innovated the art of turntablism. He was supposed to do a double set with d-styles, but d-styles did not show. Another DJ took his place, but I didn't catch his name. The two put on the best live set I've ever heard. It was even better than Mix Master Mike's, who was on just 15 minutes earlier. Being a scratch DJ I was impressed by Q-bert and took a few notes to help myself. That was pretty much the end of my night, in terms of music appreciation, and after a few hours of promoting my party, (Disn-E, which will also be reviewed by Rave On Magazine! -ED) I headed out. I took one look around and saw fliers everywhere, foreshadowing future parties and good times. I dragged my weary and tired body to the car and went home. Overall, Nation was a disappointment for me, but the Hardcore area helped make the night better.



What it said on www.ravelinks.com

Area1TechNation Progressive-Techno-House-Trance... featuring DJ Dan(kinetic records; SF), Donald Glaude(audiotistic; Seattle), Terry Mullan(catalyst; Chicago), Nigel Richards(611 Records; Philadelphia), Thee-O (Biohazard), Huggie (Global Energy), Lenny V.(Jungle Boogie), Guido(Delphi), Asylum(Something Fresh); Area2HouseNation Deep-Funky-Disco House... Hosted by DEEP FUNK featuring King Britt(Ovum Recordings; Philidelphia), John Aquaviva(Definitive Recordings; Canada), Diz(Guidance Recordings: Chicago), Wally Callerio(Dufflebag), Jason Blakemore(Life), Cade(Dynagroove), Optimus(Channel 36), Louis FS(Deep Funk); Area3 BassNation Jungle-Nuerofunk-Drum & Bass...with the first L.A. apprearance of Konflict(Renegade Hardware; London UK), J-Majik & Adam F(Infrared; London UK), Tech-Itch & Decoder (Technical Itch Recordings; London UK), Diesel Boy(Moonshine; Philidelphia), Deacon(Wreckignition), Machete(Junglistplatoon), D.J. Fury(Lowerworld; Denver), Don(Drum & Bassics), XXL & Hazen(Beat Non-Stop); Area4 UrbanNation Turntablism & HipHop... Direct from the Beastie Boys...MIX MASTER MIKE(invisible skratch picklz, dmc world champ, SF), Qbert & DStyles(invisible skratch picklz, DMC world champ, SF), PERFORMING LIVE & DIRECT...DEL the funky homosapien(heirogliphics), Scratch Perverts(1999 DMC World Team Champs; London UK), Prime Cuts(1999 ITF World Scratch Champ; London UK), Tony Vegas (1999 DMC Wolrd Runner-Up; London UK), Rob Swift(1992 DMC National Champ), Ming+FS(Om Recordings, NYC), P-Trix(Audiotistic), Emanon(Live PA), Kid Dragon(Audiotistic), Swype(Patterns), Dusk(Audiotistic)...Area5 HardcoreNation Hardcore-Happy Core...Delirium(Thunderdome, NY), Contact(Sound Factory, AZ), Static(P.H.P., Channel 36), Eksite(P.H.P., K.A.M.), Sonik 2X4 Chris Kozmik(LA Resistiance), Inyoung(Oblivion), Galvatron(H3), Twinkle Boi 2X4 Notorious(H3)