Is it Real?
The rave world can't be real.
Hanging out with people who live hundreds of miles away who you only see at parties It has nothing to do with reality, with your everyday life. It is fantasy land. A secret life in a second world that has little to do with who you are. You can't live in this world. There is no food, or shelter, or work.

The regular world can't be real.
Wearing a uniform to work, putting
boxes in top stock only to take them
down again later. Talking to people
because you have to. Smiling.
Until they can't see you. Watching the clock,
or TV. A show about something
that has nothing to do with you.
The stuff on the news, which happens far away.Going for hours with no Jungle at all,
that is not life, it is mearly existence.
You have to be a certain way.
You have to watch what you say.
You can't meet someone new
just because you want to.
There are certain things you have to do.
It is bland, really. 


If you want to know which it is real, taste them and you will know.