The Dragon Lounge
with Diesel Boy
at Brick by Brick
June 3rd 2000

Seeing Diesel boy in a room with 200 people is a very different than with 30,000 people, and I would say that in many ways it is better. The experience is much more intimate, and you get be very close to him, which means that you get to watch him spin, which means that you will have a different understanding of how much he is actually doing during his set. I have smoked bowls with some DJs during there set, but would not expect to do that with Diesel Boy. The guy is very busy up there, which explains why he is so precise and never off by more than .00001 beat. I would liken his set to the middle of a waterfall, it begins furiously, and continues on that way until it is over, with very little change in pace. That is not to say that the music was monotonous, but that it was interruption free. His set was a little too rough for some of the crowd, but not for me. How he keeps the intensity so high, and consistent, is awesome. His set seemed to be 2 hours, and I recommend going sober, he is entertaining enough. Did I mention that he can pull of the sickest tricks perfectly whenever he wants to?

It was also interesting to go to an all jungle, 21+ San Diego event. Seeing all the 21+ San Diego Junglists in one place was cool, and it was nice not feel like I was older than 80% of the crowd, or 99% of the Master Dome crowd. I also felt that these woman seemed a little more ravenous, for some reason, which was cool. Did I mention that I only paid $8 to get in?