It was 93 degrees, and very sunny, when Cyberfest started at three P.M. It started early because it had to end at four A.M., while most parties end between six and nine, and the lineup for this party was absolutely stacked with top performers from around the world, who all needed time to create their piece of the best thirteen hours of music that I can possibly think of. It was actually over 60 hours of music, considering there were 5 rooms.

The Venue for Cyberfest 2000 was the Big Fresno Fairgrounds. This Venue was over 500 acres of dance event fun, packed with carnival rides, vendors of drinks, food, cloths, music, and raver goodies, and DJ booths providing even more music beyond the 5 main areas. For the first four hours, this was a day party, and too hot to dance, so most people spent this time walking around and getting acclimated to the environment. What I found was a wide diversity of Party Goers from up to six hundred miles away. The Bay Area seems to have a mature and healthy dance scene, as many of the better dancers were from that area. It seemed like every time I saw precision or accuracy beyond what is normal, and I asked those dancers where they were from, the said the San Francisco Bay Area. There were also party people from Seattle, Reno, Phoenix, LA, San Diego, and virtually every other city anywhere near Fresno. Overall, the vibe at this party was good, but not quite as good as at Electric Daisy Carnival, and the same would have to be said for the Venue, as there was not nearly enough dancing room in the House or Trance Areas. EDC also had better provisions for sound. One element that EDC, or any other event, could not compare to Cyberfest in, was the DJ Lineup. This Line up was just unbelievable. It was such a great lineup that it deserves to, and will, be listed it in it's entirety.

Sanctuary: 3-4 Liquid, 4-5:30 Tom Silk and Dyloot, 5:30-6 Reflector, 6-7 Eric Spire, 7-7:30 Nizam, 7:30-9 Mars, 9-10 Souls of Mischief, 10-10:30 Plan B, 10:30-11:30 digital Underground

Infinite Universe: 3-4 Chach, 4-5 Doran, 5-6:30 Thomas Trouble & DJ D, 6:30-8 Pistachio, 8-9 Thomas Michael, 9-10:30 Christopher Lawrence, 10:30-12 Dave Ralph, 12-1 Wish FM, 1-2 BT, 2-4 Paul Oakenfold

Gateway: 3-4 Mike Barrett, 4-5 DJ Huey, 5-6 St. John, 6-7 Jesse Saunders, 7-8 Kevin Kind and DJ Devious, 8-9 Reza, 9-10 Juan Atkins, 10-11 Dr. Feelgood, 11-12 Richard "Humpty" Vission, 12-1 Donald Glaude, 1-2:30 DJ Dan, 2:30-4 Carl Cox

Bayzone: 3-4 Styles, 4-5 Kid Red, 5-6 Junglist Militia, 6-7:30 DJ Rkteck, 7:30-8:30 Blair, 8:30-9:30 GI Joe, 9:30-10:30 Jesse Gonzalez, 10:30-11:30 Kwashi, 11:30-12:30 Dimitry, 12:30-1:30 Ryan Wilbur, 1:30-2:45 Grag Sandler, 2:45 -4 Happy Kid Marty

Bass Dimension: 3-4 Niman, 4-5 Deacon, 5-7 Ghost and Frank Nitty, 7-8 Raymond Roaker, 8-9:30 Slim and Orion, 9:30-10 Third Sight, 10-11 Dufunk, 11-12:30 Aphrodite, 12:30-2 Andy C, 2-4 Ed Rush and Matrix.

There was some variance from this schedule, but nothing major, so it was a big challenge deciding what you were going to hear, and what you were going to have to miss. If you have any appretation for Jungle at all, you were going to miss excellent House and Trance sets by DJs like Carl Cox, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, BT , Paul Oakenfold, and Richard "Humpty" Vission, because Cyberfest simply had the best Jungle Line up that the State of California has ever had the opportunity to host. This "Ultimate Jungle Lineup" began with Aphrodite just after eleven, and continued on with Andy C, Ed Rush, and Matrix until four in the morning.

For Myself, and many other party people, the party started once the sun started to set, and Mars began his performance. Complete with trippy video effects on screen, Mars set this party off. The Sanctuary was a huge outdoor auditorium, and was where Cyberfest came together. Once Mars had finished his set, the sun was all but forgotten, and we started off into a night of unforgettable music. Whether you prefer House, Trance, Jungle, or all three the same, you the best of each within a minute's walk.

Many of the attendees had been anxiously awaiting the moment when Aphrodite would come to the turntables. Seeing how Junglist are serious about their music, Coolworld felt it would be no problem to have the Jungle DJs perform at floor level, nestled deep inside the mass of Junglists. Wisely, the DJs in the House and Trance rooms were elevated away from the populous of those rooms, with at least twenty feet between them and the crowd. I don't know exactly how far away the crowd was kept from the Jungle DJs, but I can say that when Aphrodite needed a light for his cigarette, he got one from the guy standing next to me.

All of the loyal members of the Junglist nation were rewarded with not only closeness to there leaders, but with five hours of the best Jungle anywhere, anytime. This does not mean that Cyberfest was a just a big Jungle Party, just that the Jungle at this party was phenomenal. So phenomenal, that I did not even bother trying to hear one beat of Donald Glaude's set, a DJ who is the highlight of any event, just not when he is up against Aphrodite.

Fortunately, I did pull myself away from the Jungle Area long enough to hear the last half of Carl Cox's set. This was the best House Music that I can remember hearing. I was so in tune with the music, that did not feel like I was not dancing to it, but instead, that the music was being created instantly to match what I was doing. This might have been the best set of the entire thirteen hour marathon, and in the case of Cyberfest, that means a lot.



Well Party People here it is! When I took at a look at the line-up for this Cyberfest afer the parking lot at EDC, I felt disappointed. The reason being the best line up, ever was to be at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds in San Jose. Well, my heart was lifted when I found out that the location changed and I was able to go to the party!

In terms of how the good the party was, it was definitely sick. The 93 degree temperature did however slow me down. I don't know about anybody else, but dancing in high heat sux!

As the night progressed, I saw performances by two artists I had never seen before. Plan B, and Souls of Mischief. Plan B, had a grungy type of Trance style and were accompanied by an MC, they were pretty good. Next was Souls of Mischief. When 4 guys with Microphones come on stage the sound is a bit hard to fix, especially with no time to check before the talent goes on. As far as hip-hop they were good, but as far as the sound went, very poor. I really hope the sound guy got yelled at for that one.

As soon as clock struck 11pm, I was in the Jungle room. This is when the jungle room really took effect. Before 11 the jungle room was roomy with virtually no people inside, but when the one and only Aphrodite started spinning, DAMN did that place got rockin! Ladies and Gentleman, Aphrodite is the SHIT live! This man knows what the fuck is up! He destroyed any and every DJ before him. He started his set with a more popular Aphrodite track, Man of Steel. The Superman themed song really got the crowd moving. Of all the Drum & Bass DJ's I have ever seen, I have never seen one DJ get mobbed so bad by people wanting autographs, even while he was spinning. This did not stop the "Man of Steel," as his set was literally an all out crowd pleaser for over an hour and a half. Aphrodite spun mostly new stuff, but did bring back some of the more popular Aphrodite tracks from his previous CDs. Believe me people, after this set was over, the fun didn't stop - it only got better.

I'd like to get one thing straight before I go on. UK drum & bass is the SHIT! Nothing compares to it, and no one else can truly imitate the style of the best music in the world, UK drum & bass. No that that is settled.....Andy C was definitely sick. Accompanied by MC GQ, his set sent people into a world more evil and dark than hell itself. This set was so good, I can't even explain it. If you like Hard, Fast, Tech drum & bass, then this was the room for you. Truly sick! Next however....drum roll please.....were the godz of Drum & Bass: ED RUSH + MATRIX!!

Junglists, if you have not heard ED RUSH live you haven't heard shit. These Virus Records guys are a must see for all Junglists. Matrix spun first. Playing many tracks from his new album, (Sleepwalk - available on the Virus Label right now if you want to pick it up) he went off. During the most popular songs from Sleepwalk, "Apache" and "Temperament," the crowd was screaming! Matrix didn't spin for too long though, due to sound problems. If Ed Rush and Matrix didn't ask the sound guy to fix the problem for 10 minutes, Ed would not have spun. Fortunately, the problem was fixed and God himself stepped up to the tables.

This man is all about Tribal Drum & Bass, he loves tribal beatz just as much as I do. Rush blew the roof off! The crowd couldn't get enough of him. One dope track after another, including a song that really got the crowd moving. Ed played a sort of melodic Drum & Bass track, where he slowed the beat down to almost nothing and then slowly sped it back up for an insane build up! One of the most unique uses of the turn tables that I have ever seen. His hour long set was potentially ended by the party officials, as it was past 4 AM, but this didn't stop Ed, he was yelled at twice to get off, but kept spinning. It was definitely sick!

Junglists, this party was definitely a 10+!



Everyone who attended Cyberfest 2000 will unequivocally agree that the Trance room was the party... beginning to end. From 3:00 p.m. until 4:00 in the morning, the energy only escalated. I didn't think it possible for people to party so hard, for so long. With respect to the other incredible sets that Dan, Glaude, Cox, Aphrodite, Mars, et. al. spun, nothing came close to the BT/Oakenfold experience.

For those who were at Electric Daisy, BT's set was a return to that excellence. Having the crowd primed by Thomas Michael, Christopher Lawrence, and Dave Ralph, certainly helped... but from the moment BT stepped to the tables, there was no escape-- you were transported into the next dimension. I must say that the visuals and lasers were impeccably constructed, for every person, in every state of mind, they were incredible.

After BT finished his heart-stopping set, the room was filled beyond capacity... Oakenfold was due. After a few minutes of working out technical difficulties with the sound, the master of Trance taught California what music is about. Oakenfold's set can only be described as the most soul-filled existential experience a person can have through music. Three quarters of the way through his set when he threw that Radiohead song on, half of the crowd was literally floored. For a DJ to be so hyped, and far surpass every expectation you might have of his music, is a truly rare and unbelievable experience. Hearing his set made the 10 hours of driving and logistical nightmares I went through worth every second. As they say in his G.U. New York cover, Oakenfold is the man you want in control.