BigWigShindig , Go Venture's 10 year anniversary, was my first Go event, so when I saw the older crowd, I assumed that it was composed of people that have been chillen with Reza and company for years. As the night went on, I realized that I knew an awful lot of people, but not the standard raver crowd, everyone was either a Producer, Promoter, DJ, or in some other way involved in making parties. It clicked. BigWig meaning: important person, Shindig meaning: conference. Important Person Conference in the raver universe meaning: Industry Party! So that explains everything! Do you see what a valuable source of information we are? So now that we have a little background, lets get into the party.

Go Ventures went out of thier way for special effects, here
a jumbo jet flies over the venue, and lands nearby. Wow.
This mid sized party, located less that a mile from L.A.X., was the same venue that was used for Love Fest LA, and I really hope that it is used again soon. There was plenty of space inside as well as outside. Better yet, there were wonderful bathrooms. Not only did water come out of the faucets, but you could choose the temperature by turning a lever on top of them. This was very different from the Fox Theater, I made sure to inform the guys next to me at the sink. I really went out of my way to make them appreciate what a treat this really was, as I indulged in the fancy liquid soap.

Indulged, meaning that I washed my hands and face a few times more than I had to, just to make up for all those times that I could not find any running water at a party, much the less soap. But wait, there was more to this party than nice facilities, there was a Techno+Tribal Room, a Trance+Progressive Room, a House+Garage room, a Drum& Bass Room, and even a Nothing Room (the VIP area).

To make a long story shorter, the Trance Room was warm, crowded, humid, and smelled like Vicks. The music was not annoying or boring me, so I consider that to be good Trance. I really did not spend much time here. It should be noted that all of the floors inside this venue were carpeted, so you could not spin or slide, or drag your feet at all, traction was unavoidable (Cf = 5.0), so I tried not to touch the ground much.

The House room was the only area that had a wooden dance floor, and when it was less crowded, this was the best place to dance. In fact, there was some pretty nice footwork here. I don't know how long I was here, but my feet did not touch the ground the whole time, in fact, I would have spent even more time here if the other areas were not so tempting.
By far the area that I spent the most time in was the main room, one reason that I spent so much time here was that it was outside, and every so often, planes would fly overhead and energize the party just that much more. The sound here was adequate, and the vibe was great. A nice mix of people danced to nearly the point of overheating, then let the cool night air bring them back to normalcy. The music here was good all night, and fittingly, DJ Reza closed out his own party with one hell of a set. This set was so good, and I was having so much fun jumping and spinning, that I had to intentionally refrain from dancing so hard. To be honest, I was not really paying attention to my surroundings, and during mid twirl I ever so slightly made contact with a girl who could not have been more than 100 pounds. No problem, normally, but at 120 RPM, it does not take much to lose your balance.
Here is a shot of one of the over 3000 people at this party having a great time, Sam says she makes a good dance partner as well as photography subject.
Somehow, I was ricocheted up into the air, and the next thing I saw was a birds eye view of two other girls, that I partially landed on. Yeah, I have to say that I probably did not look very cool right there. So it seemed like as much as I wanted to stay, I felt it would be safer to leave this area and soak up some chill Jungle.

The Jungle Room: as seen from the mirror on the ceiling by Sam 8

And I am so happy that I did, since when I got to the Jungle Room I got to witness not only one of the dopest sets that I have ever heard from CRS? (DJ Curious) but also a real life 45 minute popping battle!! I was in Junglist Heaven. I wished that I had put that room in a bottle so I could drink some right now. There was a 20x10 foot ellipse of people watching some of the illest popping and tutting that I have ever seen, in actual battle format. One person would go, then another person would copy and top the first person, then it was one one one and even at one point, they went at it 2 on 2, Double Dragon Style! I wished that the "journalists" who write stories about the scene would for once try to explain this, instead of what MDMA does to your seratonin levels.

(You can stop, I am just going to go off on the one crappy part of this event now).
So what about the Nothing Room? A room about nothing? Why would anyone want to miss any of the 4 good rooms to be here? What the hell was this room doing at a rave anyway? What was this room, you ask? It was not the Trance Room, or the Jungle Room, or the House Room, it was the VIP room. I went in there one time to get a Cranberry juice, and one more time just to show Natan how bad it was. "Oh, we are special because we are inside this VIP fence, separated from commoners." Basically, it was a bunch of nerdy people sitting around like they were at a night club, getting drunk.

"Assuming that sobriety is not an option, why of all the drugs in the rave scene would anyone pick alcohol?" I asked one girl. She said that she and her friends bought some E, but it was bunk. I asked her what it was, and she said it was a "White Triangle."

"White Triangle? What the fuck is that? I think that your VIP status makes you a little to high class to get good E. Did you know that there is a really good party going on on the other side of this fence?"
The Jungle Room, seen as fog is released into the crowd
Mandy, for me to not eat candy means that there is something really wrong with it. I could not figure out quite what, I just had to trust my spidey sense on this one

Here are examples of pictures that you can take at a party, instead of cute girls in matching outfits posing for the camera.

POST SCRIPT ! Tatiana, after I found out that you were hungry, I bought a chicken sandwich from a security guard, but when I got back to the ROAM booth, you were gone.......... =* [
I will have you know that the sandwich was really yummie, I wish that you could have eaten it.