Love Fest Friday, May 26 2000, San Diego

Free water 4/5 enough water fountains for me
Music 3/5 overall not a stand out, some good sets, i.e. Green Velvet
Vibe 3/5 overall friendly 18+ SD people, but many were not having fun, and left early
Darkness 0/5 lights on full blast starting at about 1am, killed party
Traction 2/5 floors too slippery to dance

Conclusion: I went to the wrong party, unless every other party also sucked

I know that it is all about the music, but Love Fest 2000 SD was ruined by the fact that the lights were on full blast practically all night. One officer, we will call L., told me that the police ordered all the lights on to discourage drug use. I have to admit, it made sense, I would not want to roll in that much light. I also did not feel like dancing with that much light. In fact, I had trouble getting over the excessive light the whole time. It was not bright for a rave, just too bright for anything but retail. I told L. that the lights were killing the party, and he said that the drugs were to blame for the lights, so the drugs are killing the party. I asked him if the police were going to do the same thing to Funky Teckno Tribe on Saturday, and he said maybe.

Polling the crowd, every single person I asked about the party, and the lights, said it was too bright.
Vendors complained of slow glow stick sales. It really did not make any sense at all to have glow sticks at that party, you could barely tell if the were cracked or not, anyway.

Whoever we talked to at the ticket booth were rude, and I greatly enjoyed sneaking in to the party by taking the elevator up one level, and coming down through the garage.
I would have really had a terrible time if I had paid the $30 admission. To make things worse, the floors were very smooth, and wet in most spots. Just in case you did not mind dancing in super solar light conditions, the floors made you think more about not falling down than busting out. That too me means that the party sucked. Unless a bomb explodes and kills people at Love Fest LA, LA will be a much better party.



Funky Tekno Tribe San Diego showed how great a San Diego party could be. When I say that it was great, the house room was thumpin all night long, and went to the next level when Donald Glaude started his set. Everyone was either dancing as hard as possible, or simply grooving and enjoying the scene. Half way through the set, the lights did come on full blast, but that was cool too. It just meant that everybody could see me dance better! No matter what happened during that set, we could only be 100% amped. In fact, the whole event was great. There was really good candy, free water, plenty of room, good dancers, and an overall great vibe.

What I liked about the San Diego Sports Arena Venue, was that
there were bright areas, dark spots, and even super dark spots. There were places to sit, places to dance, places to roll around in chairs, and everything in between, so you could have it your way. I was courteously place on the guest list of this event by the promoters, and would like to thank them, not only for free admittance, not just for a dope party, but for restoring my faith that a San Diego party can battle LA’s best, and win.

The only uncool part of the party was that in the Hip Hop/Jungle room, one EVIL, BAD vibe junglist, wearing red ear muffs, would not stop screaming “jungle jungle jungle, nothing but jungle 24 7, f*** Christmas, f*** Hip Hop, just jungle, junglejunglejungle, underground drums will never never die, bring the twisted bass, junglejunglejungle” as loud as he could over three entire hip hop sets, sometimes right behind the various DJ’s. It confirmed all the junglist folk lore I have ever heard, and then a lot more. Why anyone would: ruin his entire night, sacrifice his own voice, and piss off everyone for the
“strength of the junglist nation”, is a frightening reminder of the strange, and in this case even kamikaze tactics, used by the Junglist.

One of those DJ’s later remarked that the Ultra Junglist was “very scare me, I do not know that human voice could be loud, compare to my big speakers.”

A security officer said that “I will never work a Hip Hop/Jungle room again, because it was not a
stable situation. If there were three like that one I would have been out of there that minute, my children are too important to me…I will never harass a candy kid again. I wish that beast was rolling.”

When I asked an officer about the Ultra Junglist, he said that there was no legal course of action to make him stop. When I asked him, what if there were ten such individuals, he said that “San Diego, as a community, is just not prepared for that situation.
I saw a special forces tattoo on that guy, for the love of God.”