want to come out and play with crazy insomniac heads?
be sure to wear some comfortable threads
that you can dance in all night long,
till the break of dawn, when you all greet your beds...

look up directions to the venue ahead of time
so plans don't get screwed up by a wrong turn or long line
remember to stash lots of cash
--so you can afford expensive water--
and keep your health from getting thrashed

always work out a deal for a designated driver,
that will guarantee you end the night a happy survivor...
stick with your group, don't chill with someone you don't know
cuz some sick bastard might violate you, and that would blow...
red bull is a must for those who plan to stay awake,
gum, chapstick and a lighter,

just use your head, don't lose your kool...
THAT is the most important rule.
Tip number one is to get directions
Tip number Two:
Park in a safe place, at your discretion.
Tip number three:
if you take a camera, bring a couple rolls
Four says to wear a sweater that screens the cold.
Tip number Five is plain and simple
Dance to the beats real quick and nimble
Six hours strong is what it really takes
Seven a.m. at the meet up place
Tip eight should be to always smile
Because Tip nine says
“With out eight you have no style.”
Tip number ten is really fun:
Read these directions: Repeat to number ONE!

Remember to rest up before the extensive drive,
Drinking plenty of fluids will help you survive
Your excursion, welcomes you into the night
Beneath the stars what a spectacular sight

Hidden pockets are well the worth
Always be prepared to get searched,
Blow pops, binkys, beans and beads
This is what most of what you will need.
Vaporub and whiteflower oil smell so sweet,
Not too much or you’ll be off your feet!

Adjust your rag, visor or hat
“Does it feel good when I do that?”
A sweater or jacket to keep you warm
Dust masks will slowdown any sandstorm

The sun is rising, and you’re still awake
Its past 4:20 shall we bake?
Sit and chill these last few moments
One more rave gone by, for your enjoyment.

Roll Past the check point,
keep going on the five,
drugs are safe, spirits high
I sleep in the back as the hours pass by

I doze off, and hold my stuff tight
a 45 minute nap, will make everything alright
My tired legs and strength regenerate
I will need them tonight, I'll be up late

Park the ride, but not too far
Stuff can get swiped in the party or the car
I can't decide, should I take the stuff or not?
I'll use my zipper pockets, best pants I've got!

A wink, a smile, sometimes a hand shake too
Security says "You're cool, come on through."

get to the venue, don't waste time
whatever you do, don't stand in line
go to the door, make sure to smile
say something clever - i like to freestyle

find the house room, then the drum n bass
i wouldn't waste time with the rest of the place
warm up to house, until your one at with the thump
smokeabowl, head towards jungle, and RIP SHIT UP!

when a girl comes on to you, please realize
you can tell if shes for real by looking into her eyes
in each should be a black spot the size of a pea
if it's the size of a dime, then the trick is on E

pull out a key, and scratch her digits into a flier
you can bring a pen too, but thats not my style
you've had music, dancing, fun and a kiss
what more did you expect, thats what raving is.

SO, you want to head out to your very first rave?
already your cool, most people arent that brave
you dont have to try, you will have a great night
here are some tips, to start you off right

get a good night's sleep, or at least take a nap
wair comfy clothes, and double check your map
head out early so you can enjoy the drive
you can't drive too fast and hope to survive

park in a secure spot, no matter how far
leave what you can in the trunk of the car
take cash and keys and other important stuff
put them in a pocket that you can zip up

at least for tonight take only smiles and hugs
your very first party is no time for drugs
you'll fall in love with what you hear, feel and see
and make it part of your life (that's what happened to me)