raver one

little raver boy how you have so much fun
little raver boy how the light shows go on
how you smile and cheer to the beat
how candy fills your eyes
it is a happy world
all is good outside
within you hide a dark secret
envisiong a world as one big rave
the little boy now sees why the raves are his home
for it is his only happiness
his only light and joy
for he has lost the love in his heart
all the plur cannot make him smile forever
all the candy does not bring him joy
the colors soon fade
the lazers stop
the music tires
the night grows to horrid day
the drugs wear off
and he is left alone again
sleep the sorrow away little raver boy for tomorrow is another day
work like a horse
for next week will be another rave.........

Peace for the raver.
Love for the Music.
Unity for the sound.
Respect for all around.

Plur.... ADAM "Cook-E"