“ Oh shit. “ I reacted to the bright black light sensitive carpet in the main room. Purpley curvey triangular shaped thingies were all over the fucking place...” I think I’ve seen this once before, on a trip I went on back in the day! “ To my left was a bar with kande kids drinking and lounging. Straight ahead I could see the empty trance room. The plywood dance floor was carefully constructed over the bowling allies. Even that was trippy and I was reminded of the trips I used to go on. I slipped into somekind of “refry” and looked again at the smoke- filled room. There was one girl standing on the stage now. Wearing a cami bandana and black tank top. She was only in my mind, but I walked to talk to her anyway. I tapped her on the shoulder. She turned to me with her glowing eyes and shiny pink lips.

“Nothing seemed to interest us at all,” she said, “There were no peeps chillin' or any folks dancing. So, we decided to smoke a ciggy. When we went back inside, Marcus began to “ feel the groove”. He was doing his crazy ass dance. I was cracking the fuck up!! Damn, that boy was shaking around like a fucking fish on a pier. Then, I told him to go in the middle of all the people on the trance floor and dance around. See, I thought he’d just kinda clown and then bail. But he stayed in the crowd for a fucking while. He fucking jumped around in and out of the people. Yo, he had fools backing up!!

She went on to say: “Then, he came back and we went to the “kiddie” bar- the one with bar stools and fliers, and that’s about it! On my way back I reached over and swiped a cherry from the bar and monged on that. So we’re sitting there and the DJ starts playing some fag house, remixed, “Sweet Dreams” shit. Annie Lennox style! So, I was kinda dancing cuz that’s my song. I think that’s what did it.

I was rolling the fliers and we were pretending to smoke them. Then Marcus starts coughing and shit. We’re laughing. We’re smiling. We’re having a good time! You know!? Soooooo...then we FINALLY got to hear some jungle. .” she paused and looked up and loaded the next half of the story into her head. Then she looked back at me and lit up the space around me again. She continued,

“I was freaking people and shit. Some of them thought it was funny and joined in, the other 50% left the dance floor eventually. I had the people doing the “ Elmodonna Herman “ What the- would you do the Elmodonna Herman?”

I took a step back. She turned a little and smiled at me over her shoulder. It was maniacal.

“You wanna see my new use for gas masks?“


“ OK, hold on.” The little girl ran away into the other room and insisted that I not move. So, I stayed in place and looked around me. Now, there were other people in the room. Weaving in and out of eachother and dancing to the beats. Then, she was back with her gas mask. She had it strapped over her chest, mocking the way they look.

“Well, it looks funny anywhere you have it on your body so, why not wear it on my boob?” She was sure that the mask was appropriate.

“My friend, Nicole, put a happy face on it with her lip-liner.” she took it off and threw it on the floor like a flier. She laughed with me and continued the rest of her story. I could see everything that she was telling me about her night like it had happened to me! ( To Nicole: Thanks for being my inspiration for the Elmodonna! )

“I was standing right here, smoking the “joint” I rolled out of a flier with Marcus! Before I knew it my girl, Cheryl, was standing in front of me. I gave her a huge hug and (ofcourse) we went and danced. But she’s a really good dancer. And so were the people she had with her. Now, I can dance but I just can’t dance like those kids! I was going crazy. I danced with a fucking chair on my back!! I had fun. Cheryl told me she’s never seen me dance so much, with so much energy. But it wasn’t energy, it was caffeine-excedrin.” I simply raised an eyebrow. I didn’t know what to say.

“ I could usually hang with JUST caffeine. I mean, what’s caffeine? But the tracks were so sic and I finally had someone to dance with and there was a huge mirror in front of me and...all of that together and I fucking exploded! ...I guess, fuck! I don’t know what it was.”

And then, she just walked away. And I turned my head and followed with my eyes until she got into the jungle room. I watched her start dancing and looking into the mirror and laughing with her friends. She didn’t look like she had a worry in the world. After, I felt like I had stopped trippin’. I turned to walk the other way and I was looking in the mirror in the jungle room. There was a chair next to me and I was standing in the middle of a half-ass circle on the floor. People were looking at me, laughing.

See, at first, there was a character on the trance floor. And I went and picked her up: took on her traits. I left the other me, the everyday me, in the trance room. The other me was watching the new girl from the mirror. Then when they both realized eachother, they fused.