Words: Nicole 03

Photos: Sam 8, Jason 88

Unlike a lot of other party kids, I had never been to a party at the Cadillac Club in Moreno Valley (Mo Val!!!). So for me, it was kind of like that whole "Disneyland when you're 8 years old" type of excitement. I mean, Masterdome does get old after a while. But I was also apprehensive when I pulled into the parking lot ALONE. How lame did I feel? Yeah you get me. But when I started walking and actually saw the party I had a huge grin on my face. 26c practically fenced off half of a shopping center! It was great! I walked up to a van, (yes, a van) to get my ticket, and guess what? The guestlist wasn't there. No problems though the guy behind the window was more than happy to take my word that I was on it, and hand over a pass. This was already a good start.

After walking through the security checkpoint, which was very friendly, I made it inside and was greeted by the sight of. MAD CARPET!!! Can we say acid? This black & white striped carpet is an acid lover's dream. I could already tell the first room would be littered with people staring at the floor by the end of the night. There was no music in this room, but instead the bleeding sounds of Jungle and Happcore from the neighboring rooms. What it lacked in sound, it made up for in people. I saw a few friends and chatted with some familiar faces before I decided to explore the party.

The Cadillac Club is actually a bowling alley, complete with plenty of bathrooms, a bar, dance floor, and bowling lanes (wow, imagine that). The Trance room was set up over the bowling lanes, in the main room. They had built a nice little dance floor over half the lanes. This was definitely the hangout of the party. People had a place to sit and chill with friends and we're not talking about sitting on the floor! Yes that's right they had *gasp * chairs!!! Unfortunately, the sound in this room was not as pleasant as the atmosphere. They were having some major problems, and the volume was so low that you could actually HEAR what the person next to you was saying! But if you heard some geeky looking girl, and her cute Junglist friend chanting something about loving Jesus it wasn't me! But the vibe was nice, and I stayed a while and got my groove on. I've discovered that I now dance like a monkey on crack it's a good time.
Back up past the bar, and off to the side of the "Acid Carpet" room, was a tiny, little room that held a LOT of sweaty people. This would be the HAPPYCORE room. All the happy little kandE kids, (and this freaky girl with her face covered by this shiny metal Power Ranger type mask), were crowded into this room. Smiles and hugs were floating all around as their favorite DJ's, Paulina Taylor, and BRISK took to the tables. I was in and out of this room all night (the mosh pit I started got broken up), but let me tell you, there was ENERGY in this place. I couldn't even stand to dance in there for more than 15 mins at a time! I was a little disappointed in Brisk's set it was very plain. But it was SUPER fast, and never gave you any breaks. Therefore, this room will be voted in as the 'Hot and Sweaty' room of the party.
Next to the Happy Hardcore room was the wide open Bar and dance floor that was home to the Jungle. As you well know, I am not a Jungle fan but I did spend some time in this room. The people were really nice, but I have to say not that many Junglists were into it. Maybe the music wasn't that good? I heard a few negative comments not pointing any fingers (insert direct quote from staffer/photographer Sam) "Sometimes there's even bad Jungle let's get out of here." Sure, right after I prove a quick point to Sam and all the other readers. Everyone makes fun of the Tranceheads because they do the Nordictrack but watch the Junglists dance. As Sam admitted after I pointed it out to him, most of the Junglists start with the same basic "skip". But enough of that, we followed San's suggestion and got the hell out of there.
True Jungle Dancers are beautiful and perfect, but never "skip," "Nordictrack," or do anything "basic." They do however love BASS, which was what was lacking in the Jungle room, not good music. -37







On the way to the outdoor area, you'll pass through the House room. It was pretty lame at the start of the party, but by the end of the night (or morning?), there was enough funky house to power that little room, and the whole outdoor area. And besides that, there isn't much else to say about the House room. :o)

The outdoor area was home to a bunch of happy ravers, the vendor village, and every e-tard's favorite place: the bounce house! It also had it's own natural misters (it was a little overcast that night), and enough cool air for the sweaty bodies pouring out of the club.
Overall, I was very happy with the venue, the promoters, and the party. I never felt like I was there alone, because I saw so many people that I knew. Not only that, I met a lot of new people (and screwed with a lot of the messed up ones). The only thing that bothered me about this venue was the pedestal the DJs seemed to be put on. A lot of the booths are set up so that they're raised above the crowd. I think the crowd gets into the music a lot more when the DJ is on their level, and they can talk to them and watch them work their magic.

Anyway after dancing my ass off, and having a great time all night it was time to get out of there. Yes, this party kid copped out early. What can I say early morning shifts at work suck the big one. I got out of there at about 3:30am leaving the rest of my friends to party enough for all of us.

So I've discovered that partying alone isn't so bad after all! Thanks for giving me a great night, and I'll see you guys at the next 26c party!

Nicole 03


And here is a very special interview
between Ravers Digest's own
Token Kande Kid and
Rob from 26C

What is it like when all your friends ditch out on you, and you have to cruise to a party alone? Well, it can turn out to be a much better time than you think. Before I stepped into the unknown territory of Galaxian by myself, I wanted to get a feel of the people throwing it. So before we get to the review, here's the one-on-one with me and Rob. We're gonna call it:

Nicole 03 of "Raver's Digest" Vs. Rob K. of "26C" (original, I know)

Is there any info on 26c you'd like readers to know?
That we're out to keep parties at the highest level of production
quality that we can, to make everybody remember our events
as being some of the best they've been to.

Based on that, how you try to make your parties different from everyone else's?
By spending hours and hours and hours making props to theme the parties
out, by trying to book as much fresh talent as possible, by following
through on all the promises that we make about our parties.

Is there a certain vibe you're pushing?
We're pushing for that vibe and feeling that everyone had when they went
to their first party and were totally overwhelmed by how much they loved
it. That's why we put all the effort into props, decorations, giveaways,
etc., because these are the things that have always made us love a
particular party. The more extra elements we can bring together for each
party, the better vibe we are able to create.

How about the people? Is there a particular crowd you're pushing towards?
No one crowd in particular really. We're just going for all the people
who appreciate the whole party experience. We want to bring out the
positive elements of this scene that got us all started raving in the
first place, to help make this scene a way of life for other people as
it is for us.

What are some of the main goals of 26c?
Simply to keep the scene alive, growing, and healthy despite all the
obstacles that we as a community are up against right now in a country
that doesn't quite understand us...yet.

Have fun at the party!