I've been going to small parties ever since I went to my first rave in '99. The biggest party I'd ever been to had around 6000 capacity. I'd tried many times to make it to a massive, but failed due to problems thrown my way by daily life (money, work, drama, etc.). So you can imagine how excited I was when Mark told me that he wanted me to go with him, Sam, and Lila to E.D.C.

How was my experience at my first massive? I would have to say that it was interesting. I was able to talk my good friends/promotions partners Aaron and James into coming with us, even though they didn't have money for tickets. They figured that if they couldn't get into the party one way or another, they could always just stand outside and pass out flyers. The six of us got to the party at around 2 p.m. After wishing James and Aaron the best of luck, Mark, Sam, Lila and I went through the usual bullshit with guest list, got our tickets, went through more bullshit with security, who stripped me of all but my clothes and my rights, and then finally got inside.

The heat was oppressive, but the venue was beautiful. Hansem Dam Park is filled with rolling hills covered with lush green grass and huge, shady trees, making it a very barefoot friendly location. The Jungle, Drum and Bass, and Ambiant areas were placed alongside eachother underneath thick groves of trees. The House and Hardcore areas were located adjacent to the other rooms so that they were facing away from eachother. The Trance room was placed all by itself since it had the largest crowd expectancy. Vendors lined one end of the park, selling everything from glow sticks and water to records and specially formulated forms of oxygen. The carnival rides lined the other end of the park. Giant water slides and slip'n'slides were placed somwhere in the middle of all this organized chaos.

After figuring out that it was way to hot to dance, Mark bought a frozen lemonade (which cost $5!) and we headed over to the Drum and Bass area to chill with all the Junglists in the shade. The next thing I knew, Aaron and James were jumping on top of me, babbling excitedly about crawling under two fences and cleverly evading security. It hadn't even taken them an hour to sneak in! They make me so proud.

Mark and Aaron eventually went their separate ways to go be socialites, but James and I stuck together (after all, that's what sidekicks do). We spent the rest of the afternoon traveling from shady spot to shady spot and running into people we knew. I would have died from the heat, which hit my entire being like a brick wall, had it not been for the water slides.

The party didn't start going off until around 6 p.m. when it began to reach full capacity and Bad Boy Bill mixed his House set. As the refreshing, lovely darkness of night set in and lasers and lights began to turn on, the energy of the party grew and I was able to get my much needed therapy of dancing my aggresions away. Since we both love every style of electronic music except gabbercore, James and I made an effort to check out every room. The Trance room, though overly crowded, had good music and props such as giant paper daisies crawled up the stage and speakers. The House room went OFF, of course, as did the two Drum and Bass areas where we were lucky to have two very talented MC's. I especially liked the Ambiant room, which I was in mostly for Eli Star's set.

I don't normally leave parties early, but by 11 p.m. I was sore everywhere, exhausted, and famished. James and I decided to go be the good promoters that we are and pass out flyers in front of the venue for "In the Dark" (since security wouldn't let us bring them into the event). Aaron joined us after a while, and when we ran out of flyers we got into Aaron's car, inched our way through the traffic, and drove from that little realm of magic back into reality.

All in all, I would have to say I had fun, but I didn't have the time of my life. The whole thing was too hot, too dirty (I've been to many a desert party and never gotten as dirty as I did at E.D.C.), too expensive ($2/3 for water? Fuck that). Basically...too legal. I guess I'm just a small party head and spoiled because of it. I mean, why would you wanna go to a dirty, expensive massive with anal security and pigs (oops, i mean cops) every three feet when you could go to a cheap, good old fashoned underground with drunk security and no pigs (oops, i mean cops) But, I can't bitch, because E.D.C. had an awesome vibe and an awesome lineup, and I must say I'm glad I went.