Words: Lila
Photos: Sam 8

OH.. MY.. GOD!! I hate to say it because I'd much rather go to an underground, 100% jungle production crew's party...but How Sweet made a significant impression on me.

By now, Matt and I have a set party-going system. We know we'll share a pack of cigs so we can leave the other one "unopened" to get it in and we know about Gtorade; so it was chill driving up espcially since Mark knows how I always get shot gun...(thanks, Babe...)

We get there and I find Mark at the Jive Moto booth where I was given a Tiger's Milk bar (that shit's like Cambpell's Soup! mmm mmm good..)

Then I went to the jungle area! I went backstage, first thing. Tom D. was back there so I said hi and checked around for anyone else I knew. This is when Matt disappeared, so just like Caterpillar Dreams, I was alone again, until Lawrence came over and gave me a hug and asked to go to the VIP room with him where Matt magically reappeared with some ROLLIN'- ASS BITCH RIDING ON HIS KNEE!! NO WAY!! She wanted him to take her home or something...damn. lucky bastard... So the Jungle Brothers were on by this time and the first tracks were really tight. But then, the house beat, house beat, house beat, house beat, beat , beat, house..began blasting and Matt and I were out of there. Sorry...I was in the mood to hear jungle, not house, that's why I was in the jungle room. You didn't miss much if you weren't there.

Walking around, this was the difficult part; brand new, from earlier in the day, were a new pair of DADA-"crown victoria supreme" shoes...carefully displayed, in all their white glory, on my two feet. Listen: I know acid makes one quite insane but on the real: white shoes, parties, fucked up people...they don't mix. I don't know what I was thinking. ~>.dodge.<~ ~>.dodge.<~ Everybody's pants were brown on the bottom. Like they had stepped in a huge pile ofdiarrhea.(yum) I ran into Tom, Lawrence, and SDF-1. They weere charging back to the jungle room so we walked back to the jungle area with them.

Aphrodite was setting up to spin his set. Lawrence and Tom were MCing and I was standing backstage dancing next to some woman, amazed that I was that close to someone whose CD I have, and Matt was just chillin'. I found out that the woman was Aphrodite's wife or girlfriend. The security guard then tried to kick my ass off stage. But this goddess rescued me...she wrapped her arms around me and said, "These are all our friends! She stays," pointing at me now, "I don't care about everyone else but she stays!!" After that the security guard was asking me if folks were chill to be on the stage! HA!!
Then, the sacred part: I made my way to the edge of the stage, looked out into the crowd, and fell the fuck off the edge! My ass was UNDER the fucking stage. Nah...just kidding!! But for real, if you've read any of my prior articles, you know that I like the whole lighter deal. (Lighter at the bass line, makes the room hotter...it's a unity thing.) So, I was the one, this time, with lighter in hand. ~>.chk, chk.<~ I lit my lighter and held it high into the sweaty sky. I watched the room light up one or two lighters at a time and I realized that I wasn't in the crowd! I realized that all those people were lighting their lighters to light one WITH me...sic. That isn't even describable by slang. That was mutual; reciprocity; it was like "ditto". It was communication without speaking... it was unity...one-sque. (:.~shakes her head~.: ) Anyway-you get it. But, Matt started to be unable to hang inside. So I went outside with him. He felt bad that he was keeping me outside but I reminded him that he means more to me than all those DJs collectively so... well I wanted to be inside but I lived through it, you know?

Before we knew it, people were asking for a pen, sobering up, and squinting at the new sun. Fuck... Forgot my sunglasses. I was tired and hadn't been smoking the whole night so I was quite cracked.