I don’t know how educated you people are about Superman but to fill you in - he has a strange counterpart called Bizarro Superman. His skin is the color of chalk, and his face is rough like it was carved from stone. His hair is the same color as Superman’s but messy and knotted. He means well and is harmless, has super-powers but not wit, his speech is illiterate and unintelligible but because Bizarro's mind is an imperfect imitation of Superman's he is capable of flights of occasional super-genius.
I should’ve known that something was amidst when I found myself getting ready to go to how weird it was in an empty house.

Normal: this apartment is a superhighway of bodies coming and going, borrowing these pants or using that hair gel.

Bizarro: no one was here, no one even stopped by. The house wasn’t even lit up the way it usually is before a party, even my cat was somewhere asleep instead of getting caught up in the commotion like usual.
Normal: I change clothes at least three times before deciding on what will be the most comfortable, the most warm . . . and of course the cutest. I don’t try new things with my hair either - I tend to stick with what I know works.

Bizarro: before I took a shower I laid out my gray pants with transparent pockets and my pink/blue supa dupa shirt. I got out of the shower and promptly got dressed - and stay dressed - I didn’t change a stitch of clothing before leaving. Then, without even dealing with it - I threw my hair up into some mess and called mark to say I was on my way.
Normal: my car full of ravers of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Bizarro: me, alone in my car.
These are just the things that were *hinting* at the bizarro world I was about to enter.
I got to San Diego at like 7pm, right on schedule (anyone who knows me will probably think that this alone is the most bizarro thing - i'm not the most punctual person) but naturally lag set in and finally we had everyone collected - two hours later.
I drove mark and we listened to his blue kingpin tape the whole way there.

We were driving for a while and came to the border control thingie - being naïve I thought that they were simply checking for illegal immigrants but apparently that check-point is also to protect the roads from bizarro ravers on their way to bizarro jujubeats. After a few questions and three or four wasted minutes of my life, the officer concluded we were harmless and sent us on our way.

The off-ramp was just silly - cars were coming from every possible direction and it took a good hour and a half to get from the off-ramp to the muddy unlevel field disguised as a parking lot. *during this hour and a half mark decided he would chomp on the old old OLD chili cheese fritos that were in my car from literally six months ago - before I even noticed what just transpired the bag was empty.

At the time I thought this may have been a mistake on his part and he would suffer greatly when those
fritos start to take effect but now I know otherwise. Mark somehow survived being afflicted with the bizarro disorder and stayed simply . . . mark. It had to have been the fritos.

*another bizarro superman fact: his weakness is blue kryptonite instead of green like superman - and all things mark - were blue - clothes, kingpin tape . . . *

Anyway, we parked - we walked - we got our tickets - we went our separate ways to get in search lines. Boys that way - girls that way.

what line is this? Guest list search line? Cool.
Twenty minutes pass, we haven’t moved. Ummm. Where’s the general Admittance line?
normal: guest list search moves faster . . .

bizarro: I was in the party five minutes after getting in the general Admittance line.
Normal: empty my bag out on the table, throw away this chap stick, get rid of that gum . . .

Bizarro: “don’t take anything out or else I’ll have to throw it away . . . okay, you’re done”
Once I was past bizarro security guard I entered the party alone (I had lost mark in the guest list/boys/girls/ gen.admittance search line chaos) and headed straight for the jive moto booth.

The party was unusually bright - we were all being lit up from above and people’s faces were darker than usual. This lighting created a creepy effect that set the mood for how weird it was.

When I got to jive moto I found mark. He was talking to the vendor and a girl who looked kinda like token kandekid nicole . . . except not really. This was bizarro token kandekid. She was wearing a red sweatshirt and no kande that I could see (she lifted her sleeves and low and behold - there was her kande, but as far as anyone else knew . . . )
Mark and I again went our separate ways and I tried to find my friends that were there.
Normal: when you find someone - they usually know where the group is.

Bizarro: every time I found one of my friends - they didn’t know where our other friends were - just that they “saw them around here some where.”
So I spent a little time with bizarro Keith, bizarro Kevin and bizarro Jeremy and then I left those guys when they went to dance and ran into bizarro ryan. After doing a little walking around and exploring I went off on my own to find some staffers again. Jive moto - no one there except bizarro token kandekid and she didn’t know where anyone was.

Between 12am and 4am I wondered around bizarro lake perris trying to grasp something normal. I found little comfort in the music because the areas were too crowded and closed in.

Jujubeats: the areas were open and people could spread out as much as they liked.

Bizarro jujubeats (aka how weird it was): the areas were contained by big tents whose ceilings were dripping with the sweat of the dancers. Yeck.

I ran into marcus and he accompanied me on an excursion to find a sweatshirt (I had given mine to bizarro friend) I looked at the jive moto booth and found only “Junglist” sweatshirts - searching booth after booth for other options but coming up empty I reluctantly forked over the cash - I put on my new navy Junglist/who loves d & B? sweatshirt and found myself fully transformed into bizarro Katey.

How weird it was -looked- like juju beats but -felt- like something else. Something that at times had flights of super-genius but basically just felt . . . bizarro.



Mark's additional "Bizarro" observations:

Marcus did not hang out in the Jungle room.

Matt said he might be done with raving.

Lila did not hit anyone.

Mark did not hang out with or look for Ingrid.