The day started out by calling in sick for work right when I got up at about 10 am. I couldn’t waste time getting things done. About 30 minutes later a friend stops by to pick me up. We headed down to Mariners Point for a little “all jungle” get together before How Sweet. It was a perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, temperature was perfect, nothing could go wrong on a day like that. It came around 7 pm, and we headed back to Ravers Digest Studios for the meet up. Practically the whole staff and some were there. When I saw all the people I got even more anxious to get to the party. Driving from San Diego, we got to the Ramona Expressway exit at 10:15pm. Traffic was horrible. Cars could be seen for miles down the highway and my hopes began to fall. We finally got inside the venue at 12:30pm. My friends went off to do their own thing so I was going solo. My first stop was the main house room.
It was inside of a big circus tent, the ground was dirt, poorly covered by blue tarps. Definitely not suitable dancing surface. The room was crowded, and lights filled the top of the tent shooting every which way. My first impression of the room was that it was weird. I have been to plenty of parties and I will tell you that something just wasn't right. The room was constant confusion. There were more people coming in and out of the tent than there was inside dancing. The “S Man,” Roger Sanchez was spinning some crazy hard groovy house -not something you normally hear. The music added to how weird it was in there. I tried to dance, but I just couldn’t hang. I decided to see what the Trance room was all about.
Getting there was easy, it was located in the center of a giant dirt speedway. The dirt was hard, but still rough terrain. This room had the most people in it. At first glance you wouldn’t think that 7000 people were all standing there, but there were. I didn’t waste time trying to navigate my way through the maze of e-tards. One thing I will give that room is that the sound was booming, I mean loud! The stage setup was cool as well. It made it look as if all the people were worshiping the DJ on stage. Next stop was the Jungle room.
I took a shortcut around the bleachers of the trance room and down a hill, on the left I could see the Jungle room. I listened closer and heard a full on house beat! This excited me, so I ran all the way there. When I got to the room, which was also underneath a big tent, it was the Jungle Brothers, performing a "I’ll House You.” It was way sick. The room was actually a lot smaller than the other tents, but there were still tons of people sitting, standing, dancing, and walking through it and it got really hot in there. I didn’t smell as much chronic as usual, and this Jungle room was filled with e-tards. It was disappointing to see e-tards slowly working there way into the Jungle scene. C’mon junglists, that’s wrong, we have to stop this! Anyway, I watched, not danced, to the rest of the JB’s set. I saw one of my friends and he told me there was a tech house room in the back of the party that I hadn’t been to yet, so I was off once again. Walking to the complete other side of the party I got distracted when my fellow house cat and I had a run in with Kande Junglist Sterling Clark. He ran off with her, so I was solo once again. On the way I noticed it was really bright, and it bothered me.
I finally get to the Tech House room, which was just as packed as the other house room. It didn’t really matter to me though, cuz DJ Dan was spinning. This room had a more comforting vibe, mostly because everyone in there wanted to see DJ Dan, LaFleche, and Dave Angel. I stayed there for an hour and a half before I started gasping for fresh air. It seamed that no matter where I went I couldn’t get into it enough to enjoy myself. It was 3 am and my friend offered me a pill so I said "What the hell?"
I made one last trip to the House room before I went back to find my friends. I went into the main room and found the best spot to dance in that I could. DJ Sneak was spinning, and it was exactly what I wanted. So was the girl standing in front of me. What was that, did she just wink at me? It was on from there. This chick was all over me, and I was starting to feel really good. I was in heaven, when her friend came from behind me and started macking too. This was definitely the highlight of my night.
After leaving the girls, still making out with each other, I went back to the Jungle room. My friends were chillen, so I stayed and watched the rest of Aphrodite and Lord Vishnu. I was happy and unconcerned about how dirty I was as the sun slowly began to rise. It didn’t matter to me that party was coming to an end. The sun was now fully out from under the horizon, and it was time to trek back to the car. The whole way there I just kept thinking about how weird it was.