Happ*E Friday = Happ*E Ravers


If you were any other place besides the Masterdome last Friday, you missed out on a great time. Matrix Family Entertainment spoiled us party kids and threw Happ*E Friday, which turned out to be an immense success. Complete with great music, awesome dance contests, wonderful attitudes, and an overwhelming turnout. This party went off without a hitch, and you get to hear about it.

These kids also came prepared for the cold weather while making a fashion statement at the same time! "Brighter is Better!" Who knew you could dress warm and STILL look this good!
I, unlike most people, still adore the Masterdome. So I was actually excited to be going back for what looked like a great party. The meet-up time for the Rave On staffers was 10:30pm. Since the unfriendly people of San Bernardino have shut down every parking lot remotely close to the venue, I parked my raver-mobile in BFE and started the 15 minute walk to the party. It was a little chilly out, but luckily, I came prepared… wearing my thick sweatshirt, and sporting my warm little gloves. I was set to party. Masterdome was jumping as usual. I was delighted to hear hardcore and happy hardcore throbbing from the outside area. The walls of the building were shaking with that awesome Trance bass that I love. The line was semi-long, and I was up to the front in about 45 mins… perfect timing for the Rave On crew to meet up with me. I went through the friendly "take off your shoes and let me feel your breasts" strip search, and was IN!!!
It was only 11:00pm and the place was already packed. I knew instantly that this was gonna be a big party. I put on my KandE Kid smile, and hiked my sleeves so I could sport my bracelets… and went exploring. The place was already screaming with a great vibe. Kids were offering me smiles and hugs as they introduced themselves. It took me longer than ever to make it outside. Making a quick stop at the energy table… I downed a packet of some nasty tasting sour apple powder, grabbed some Rave On teasers from Mark… and worked my charming personality on the people that were chilling (literally) outside. I also found a new way to get people to take the teasers. It was brilliant. But if you saw a girl with her shirt off, and the Rave On teasers stuffed in her pants… uhhh… it wasn't me! Thanks to all the kids that were truly excited to take the teasers… and I hope you found your way here!
(Shilo and I) These two enthusiastic KandE Kids took flyering to a new level when passing out the Rave On teasers! Come on guys, what's a girl gotta do to get a little attention around here?

Now that I got some work in, it was time for me to dance. I worked my way back into the stuffy, throbbing Trance room… and shoved myself into the throng of ravers on the dance floor. Let me tell you, I have NEVER… in my history of parties at the Dome, seen this many people crammed onto the floor. There were barely any e-tards on the floor, yet there was still NO room to dance. I finally found a few inches and busted some dance moves before I saw…. THE CIRCLE. This was what I was waiting for. Dance contest. First off, I have to give mad, MAD props to all the dancers… but you were definitely SHOWN UP. The Breakers took the cake. I saw Battling like I have only heard rumors about… never seen. If you didn't get an eyeful of the breakers at Happ*E Friday, you missed out. It was definitely a highlight of the evening.

Hundreds gathered on the dance floor to watch and participate in the massive Dance Contest. Both dancers AND breakers got to show off their skills to the delight of their fellow ravers.


This looks like a challenge. She's just screaming out "I got your dance moves times 10, girlfriend"..... wanna battle?
To my delight, my fellow Rave On staffer Mark 37 joined me on the dance floor to show off his slick, creative, one of a kind moves that only a KandE Junglist like him could possibly pull off. Around 3:00am, the DJ on the main stage was trainwrecking… you know, that 'shoes in the dryer' sound when beats on 2 different records don't quite match? Anyway, I made a point to myself that I would mention that. I was getting ready to battle some chick that thought she was a better dancer than me, and we couldn't even dance to the song. I guess it was just luck for her… we know who would've won! So a couple hours, and 5 bottled waters later… it was time to stop dancing… and get my tired group together to hit the road. However, not before I had the opportunity to question a few people on the night's events. I met a girl who was going to her first party the way all first parties should be done: sober. Definite props to her if she's reading this, and I hope you had a great time. So the question of the night "How did you like the party?"… The answers were all the same. It was definitely crowded, but everyone was having a fabulous time.

On this particular question, I will have to go with the popular opinion. I was among the many people that chose to go sober to this party. What's awesome about sober party kids is this: they'll still be hugging, dancing, laughing, and feeling the same energy and great vibe as the people who are NOT sober. I left the party feeling like Happ*E Friday was just another great example of the PLUR shown by the rave community. Even the slight fender-bender I got into on the way home couldn't bring me down. Thanks to Matrix Family Entertainment for throwing a GREAT party, and thanks to the Rave On crew for supporting it. Most of all, thanks to the Ravers out there that choose to keep the scene alive by attending parties like this one. Thanks for bringing your great attitudes, and contributing to the energy and happiness that it takes for a party to be a success!

 -The Token KandE Kid









January 19 (Friday) - Happ-e Friday # 2 by Matrix Family Entertainment

Last year Happ-e Friday party had best vibe ever this year is going to be even better. Spining ,trance ,house ,drum & bass, teckno,happy hardcord and break beats. This event is an ALL AGE event so every one is welcome =). (AREA # 1) Live performance by KREE-8 (D.U.I.recordings) & H.P (D.H.V.records/angle booking), Nicolas Bennison (Arcade America/Trance Global Nation 2,4 Nice UK), Thee-o (Biohazard) Darky (D.H.V.recrds/angle booking) Johnny Matrix (D.U.I.record), N.D.E (Matrix family entertainment) Jonathan Morning (matrix Family ent/D.U.I.), DJ-YJ (Matrix Family Entertainment) AREA # 2 Mr Flava (scene not heard S.F), Jason splat (phunked up records) Danny Cosmo (Phunked Up Records), Trinity (Trust entertainment) DJ-Loczi (Turn Table syndicate) J-DADDY (Matrix Family Entertainment /turn table syndicate) DJ-Massacre (Turn table syndicate); AREA # 3 Doctor Mario (Jungle voodoo records) SDF-1 (Protukulture/Drunk n bass), Alder (Hyperdermatic Drunk n bass ) Dewey (Matrix Family Entertainment), Tornado (Circuitry Entertainment) DJ-Ickee (Matrix Family Entertainment), DJ-koolio (Groove Records S.F) AREA -4 Lost boy (System Insane ) DJ-Happy (Lantrax), Only CHILD (Groove Records S.F) MC-Turbo (Groove Records S.F) DJ-Mista (Groove records) & much more t.b.a presale tickets will be 15$ and after those sell out it will be 20$ .This event starts at 8pm till 6am & tickets will be avalible after december 1st. On this event there will be glowstick & dance contest any one is welcome to enter. To enter the contest you must buy presale tickets and must come before 11pm. This competition starts at midnight and there will be 8 winners. All 8 winners will recevied a chance to get inside DUI recordings music video and get backstage passes and get free tickets to all Matrix Family Entertainment events & clubs. There will be FREE cd giveaway by Johnny Matrix FREE CLOTHING by jnco & DIX and FREE giveaway all night long =) Info 213.885.3330 / 323.433.6693 / 818.277.8885 / 909.999.2220 / 310.684.3332 / 714.316.6660 / 626.206.3336 Industry Line 213.506.5296