What is it about kandy kids that everyone finds so annoying? Like a lot of people, when I was first introduced to the scene I chose to be kandy. I found these cute, fuzzy, happy kids to be the greatest people ever. While I felt like everyone else was angry at me for being a new "raver", these kids were more than happy to welcome me with a smile and a hug. How could I NOT want to be like them?

I was terrified of my first party; the loud music, the mean looking people always bumping into you, and let's not forget the bathrooms! Then I got my first bracelet yes, my first piece of kandy. Almost every kandy kid still has it! I loved the idea that someone had made this bracelet so that the person they gave it to would always remember them. I felt as though someone actually wanted me to be at that party. After that, I went home and started beading. Sure, I started out with a few bracelets, but soon I was cruising to parties with a minimum of 80 up my arms! I had the colorful outfit, beads everywhere, and the friendly attitude. I learned to "nordictrack" or "chopstick" with the best of them, I bumped Trance in my car 24/7, and I partied every weekend. I could not get enough of these people. I learned neat little light tricks for all the e-tards, and made it my goal to improve the night for as many people as possible. This is what raving was all about for me. I could be happy doing this forever. I didn't understand then, and I still don't now.why do people hate kandy kids?

What's not to love about these people? Here you have groups of kids that not only preach the rave motto P.L.U.R., but also practice it. They spend hours making bracelets for other people just so they can spread the love. They come to parties with the best attitudes, the brightest smiles, and the brightest clothes, just so they can make other people happy. If they see someone that's down, they cheer them up. If someone isn't having a good time at a party, they'll be the first ones to try and make it better. If they see someone rolling, they'll be the first to give you a hug! Yet people still dislike us.

Whether you're a Junglist, Gothic, Asian, or even a club kid we still have a bracelet and a hug for you. No matter how much you dislike us, we still like you. No matter how much you dis the kandy style, it's still going to be around just like your own. We come to parties to have a good time, and make others have a good time. Why can't you respect that, just like we respect you? We're here to spread the P.L.U.R. and keep the scene alive, just like you.

Every person chooses to express themselves in a different way, but we are all here for the same reason. We're all RAVERS no matter race, music, clothes, beads, bandanas or sidebags (hahaha). Let's all just party and have a great time doing it. P.L.U.R. and RAVE ON!


The Token KandE Kid