The way they should be...
I am sure there was one once, but I can't think of any at all, where a party's main attraction was Breaks. Breakin Down the House was a chance for those who appreciate Breaks and Break Dancing to get a night full of both. Entering the Venue, a clean night club with wood dance floors in Pomona, I first came through the uncrowded House area. Deeper into the club, in the back room, was a different world. Filled with with Breaks, Break Dancers, and an audience who appreciated them, I marveled at an exotic setting that the "it-is-all-about-the-music" crowd fantasises about. A 20x30 foot rectangle was taped off in the middle of the room, where the 3 Hour Double Elimination Breaking and Popping Contest was to take place.
No Hollywood film maker would dare create a scene as sureal and fantastic as this.
In true battle format, Dancers faced off in the spotlight as the DJ let beats slip through the speakers.
Breakers cycled through ...
geometrically perfect positions...
as their opponents watched, waited...
and sometimes gave a gesture of approval, while the MC narrated the events of the battle zone.
Not all of the Breaking was in the taped off borders of the Breaking Tournament (background). Around the room, smaller circles of dancers formed, and unsanctioned dancing broke out (foreground). This was a rare and precious chance for Breakers to practice their art in the presence of thier peers, and not a single beat was going to be wasted.
In the House room the vibe was less serious. The melodic grooves of House fostered a casual and social setting that was less confrontational than in the battle oriented Breaks room. There you were either a Breaker, or you were enjoying the shear spectical as part of the audience. The House room, on the other hand, was an interactive experience.

You could feel comfortable doing your own thing, whether that meant Breaking, Kande Stepping, or keeping your style your own. And when it all got to be too much, you could go outside and chill with what had to be the nicest collection of people anywhere.
This party was centered on music and dancing, and left me with the feeling that I was part of something beutiful and special. It rinsed away the problems in my life, which were not only forgotten, but solved.

 December 9 (Saturday) – Breakin Down the House by 3 Point Productions

Our last "Breakin Down the House" held in Springfield, MA, sold out its venue capacity. Now we are proud to bring this event all the way to LA we will be featuring world class talent. Plus a CD release party for Nigel Richards (611 Records Am Only), Dik Silver (Limbo Records, Magiceye Records, London U. K),

Dj Spice (Friction And Spice, Version 3.0 Florida), Lenny V (Jungle Boogie, Cotton Mouth, La), Jason Blakemore (Life Music, Til Dawn Ent), Oscure (La Break Beat Association Bloom), Jason Splat (Phunked Up Records Monkey Business La), Nic Nax (Motivation LA), Natural Nate (Mole33 Bruse, Your Body Breaks Colorado), Dj Sunrise (Digital Cloud La) 24/7 (Dmt3, 3 Point Productions La), The Commander Of Bass (Dmt3 3 Point Productions La), Dj Asylum (Kore La), Nemesis (Kore La). There will be a full bar for 21 and up and also a full kitchen with food available all night. We will also be hosting a break and pop competition which will be our third competition this year. There will be a double elimination competition and $600 in cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category plus give aways from Fathead Clothing and Jnco. This competition will start at 11.30!!!!