Together As "Way More Than" One
by Matt77

So it finally happened. Together As One was easily the biggest even that I've ever been to in my several years of partying. As big as it was, it also was just as great. Nothing went wrong (that I could see) all night and everyone was having the time of their lives. That is, aside from a rumor I heard about someone being stabbed in the Hardcore room. Okay so if thats true I guess everyone minus two people were having the time of their lives. Anyways, this was probably the best party I've ever been to. I enjoyed myself so much. I stayed in the jungle room all night, aside for about 15 minutes in the house room (which i was forced to go into once) and the couple hours I spent walking around trying to find the Jungle room.

So on to my review of the Jungle room. If I could describe how it was in a single word I would have to say it would be "amazing". Aside from the slight feedback that came from the speakers everytime one of the MC's raised his voice (which was quite often) the sound quality was great. There was plenty of bass to go around for everyone, and I could hear the higher pitched sounds just right. Luckily for the Junglists, Skibbadee stopped the DJ and told one of the sound technicians to turn the bass up (good idea skib!). The crowd last night was all having a really good time. Everybody was screaming, cheering, dancing and getting all hyped up by the MC's. That or they were off in another world thanks to something that shall remain nameless, and trying to break a speaker cherry. I myself was in front center most of the time and screaming my head off at what I feel is some of the best live drum and bass Ive ever heard, and getting an almost spiritual energy from the greatest in MC talent. I would have to say that I was feeling a sort of kinship between me and everybody else in that room under the bridge because everyone was feeling the same way I was feeling from the looks and sounds of it.

The lineup for drum and bass was amazing. We had the very best talent from around the globe come and perform for us that night. DJs from Canada to U.S. to the United Kingdom all came and rinsed the crowd out about 10 million times over the course of the night. Although the lineup wasn't anything to miss for the world, I was not able to catch all of the performances by our local DJs. I missed SDF-1, Machete and Deacon but I think that with what I saw I can afford to miss three DJs that I've already seen a thousand times anyways (but these local DJs are still some of the dopest!). The DJs I did see last night were: Mystical Influence, Sniper, Diesel Boy, Wish FM, Bad Company, Aphrodite and Flux (without Rinse for some reason) all of which played insanely dope sets.

So now onto the DJ ratings. I'll rate each DJ that I saw on a four star basis, four stars being the best and one being the worst.

Wish FM- a very good set. he had great mixes the entire time and played quite a few really good tracks that I haven't heard before. His hour and a half was definitely not something that I would not have wanted to miss. I give him *3 stars.

Mystical Influence w/ Sniper (tag team)- Seeing as how both Mystical Influence and Sniper are probably the best two Drum and Bass DJs in Canada, you can imagine how good their set was. I've seen sniper before and he was really good but his set at TAO blew the last performace away by far. They played a lot of new stuff and some of the more popular anthems that we all know and love. One thing that I sort of didn't like about their set was that it started off a little slow not as far as tracks but they were spinning the records at a slower speed and I favor really fast drum and bass. Overall I would give Sniper and Mystical Influence 4 stars for their great New Year's Eve set.

Bad Company (Fresh and Maldini)- I dunno really. I having trouble finding words to describe the intensity of their set. I can't find words that are vivid enough. Basically I would need to find words that have more meaning than hmmmm lets say, sick, dope, awesome, tight, phat, and amazing. So basically their set moved the crowd to a point of no return. I was asked to go into the house room during their set and there was absolutely no way this was happening. I was stuck to that dance floor with super glue. Nothing was getting me out of there. But as sick as it was there was only one thing that I wasn't too thrilled with and that was the fact that they did not even bother to mix the tracks, but instead waited for a quiet part and simply played the quiet part of the next track over it. Or, the mixes were poor. I was listening very carefully to the sounds and mixes and a few times they were off beat so they would fade back into the previous track. One other little thing was the fact that they played a few tracks for quite a long time. They got to be a little old after between 6 and 8 minutes of the same track that had almost no breakdowns or buildups. Aside from those few problems I would say that Bad Company gets 4 stars because the mixes that weren't off were absolutely perfect, and the track selection was absolutely amazing.

Diesel Boy- A Drum and Bass God and my personal hero. He set it off the entire time. The crowd was jumping and moving to the beat as though Diesel Boy himself had choreographed it himself, which in a way, he did. Without a single slow moment during his set, it was fast and furious the whole way through and with the crazy high speed, hard grinding Tekstep that I love so much I was moving the entire time. As anybody that listens to Drum and Bass knows, Diesel Boy is an American all-star. His mixes are sick he can program his records like magic. I expect that everytime I heard Diesel Boy live or on his CDs but he still impressed me with his absolutely insane mixes and track selection. He even surprised me by doing a Drum and Bass/Hardcore mix! Three words for Diesel Boy, fast hard and tek. Just the way I like it. I give him 5 stars for breaking the barriers of the Drum and Bass world right in front of my very eyes and ears.

Aprhodite- What can I say about Aphrodite. He's Dope! I could say a lot more than that but I don't think that you readers would wanna sit and try and read the next websters dictionary either! To tell you the truth, I had lost faith in Aphro for a little while after Urban Jungle because he wasn't putting out any new cds or producing any brand new tracks that were up to par with say: Konflict of Usual Suspects, but after last night, he amazed me by bringing back the old school with a new school flavor that was truly sick. He played a new remix of the classic "Man of Steal" track that was great, and he played a lot of his new tracks which were all super dope! The "Acid Flow" and "Lava Flow" tracks are two of his greatest accomplishments. His set was very well mixed which is no suprise and all of the tracks he played had me poppin, (it just happened! I couldn't control myself!) and the rest of the crowd was moving right along with me. I give Aphordite 4 stars for an insanely dope set that has renewed my faith in the Grandaddy of Drum and Bass!

Rinse & Flux (minus- rinse)- Well I'm not too sure what happened with Rinse that night but he was nowhere to be found when 4:30 rolled around. Even though I had chated with him a little bit earlier that night. Anyways, Flux was intense. His set was easily up to par with Diesel Boy's and Im still wondering just why a major label like Moonshine hasn't been using every last waking minute of the day trying to get Rinse and Flux to make a CD for them. Well Flux was just tearing it up with all of those precisely mixed tracks. Fast and furious is his style, playing each track for no more than 2 minutes by itself and using the rest of it for his awesome mixes. His track selection was great too. He played all of the new school anthems that simply rocked the house with the intense basslines. Personally I'm suprised that bridge over the Jungle room is still standing after Flux's set! I can say with confidence that Flux himself has easily earned a big "two thumbs up" and 4 stars.

And so ends another amazing New Years party at the Los Angeles sports arena/colosseum. I hope that Insomniac and Go Ventures continue this tradition of throwing one of the best parties each year, and that it lasts for years and years to come. I'm hoping that one day my own children will be able to see that amazing sights and hear that awesome beats that I was lucky enough to take part in. My best wishes and highest regards to all those who made one of the best nights of my life possible (Insomniac, Go ventures, Damian(da deez!), Flux, Fresh, Maldini, Aphrodite, my girlfriend Susan, and one of my good friends marcus) I love and respect you all. So untill the next chapter in exactly one year, keep it real, and keep the Drum and Bass flowing like the Panama Canal! Peace!