“Silly Raver, Trance is for Kandy Kids!” must be what B3 Cande were thinking when they booked the DJ’s for Jujubeats, as there were three areas of House (count ‘em three), and a smallish Jungle area. There were a few Trance sets thrown into the night’s mix, but overall there was much less Trance than at any other Massive this year. It was a refreshing to have practically none for once. The absence of Trance took some of the “Kandy” vibe away, leaving a diverse crowd of House Cats, Junglists, and only a few stray, seemingly lost, Kandy Kids. I will appreciate hearing Trance at next week’s party, and I am even looking forward to it, but when that Kandy Kid asked me “Where is the Trance Area?” and I put my hands on his shoulders, and looked him straight in the eye, and I got to say “There is none!” it just felt good.

Enough about what was not at Jujubeats, and onto what was...

The Lake Perris Fairgrounds were perfect for hosting a Massive, and I look forward to going there again, especially since it is only an hour drive from San Diego. Similar to The Big Fresno Fairgrounds, where Cyberfest Fresno was held, this facility was actually designed to host tens of thousands of people, so it had high capacity bathrooms with little or no lines. Unlike Cyberfest, this party was outdoors, and the 25,000 plus attendees did not seem to put a dent in the capacity of this 108 acre venue. As such, Areas 2,3, and 4 seemed only half empty, and even Area 1 was not overcrowded. There was room to dance to each flavor of House, and the Jungle room provided the perfect opportunity to chill out or dance even more. The cool night air kept me from getting too sweaty or needing excessive amounts of water.

The muddy Area 1 “Respect is Burning” hosted the biggest names on the Line up, highlighted by a “very special 4 turntable set w/ DJ Sneak vs Doc Martin 2:00-6:00.” The set these DJ’s created was great, but if you wanted them to battle record for record, like Diesel Boy and Bad Company did at EDC, you were not going to get it. For the most part, it was two DJ’s sets, joined into one.

Leaving the main area, you had your choice of foods and beverages including: snow cones, barbecue, cotton candy, french fries, and fruit juices as well as the standard blow pops (2/$1) and water (only $2). It is always funny to see commercial food services at an event the majority of the public belies to be “undergound.”

DJ Sneak, sneaking some Latin House into the mix at about 3am

Area Two, with a dance floor made up of grass and dirt, was called “Bumble Bee Memorial,” I assume because they played Deep House (aka: Authentic or Chicago Style) which is now less popular than Tek or Progressive House. Some say that this is more for clubs than for raves.

In that respect, the crowd here did not dress or act like what you would find in a Trance room, which is what most people associate with how a rave looks and feels. Area 2 was anything but the stereotype of a rave, containing slightly older house heads instead of Kandy Kids, it reminded us that a room of a rave can be anything, the same way that a person at a rave can be anyone.

Onto Area Three, the only Area that contained any Trance at all, this was nearly devoid of Trance as well. It seems like the Trance DJ’s understood that it was House Music Appreciation Time, and mixed in a lot of Hard House rather than straight Trance.

So you are probably thinking that Jujubeats was lacking character since it had primarily one genre of music all night, but if you think about it more, you realize that having so many different kinds of House is what made Jujubeats unique. It was a House Music Conference, and a welcome change of pace to the now standard formula of Trance:House:Jungle. While I did not leave Jujubeats reeling from the shock of having such a great time that I felt life would never be the same again, I experienced an event that will stand out as having a conscience. Trance, like House and Jungle, balances out a party, and it’s absence was felt by most. Whether that was a good thing or a bad thing depends how you look at it.

Daylight showed us the mountains of Perris and that it was time to go back to a much less interesting world...until next week

-Adverse 13
Hello net world, Adverse here, bringing you another biased and annoyingly jaded review from the world of "rave". Today's topic: Jujubeats, a fine celebration in the hills of Perris. Compulsively early as usual, I set out with my faithful companion, Kipper right after dinner. We arrived at the location about 7:30. The location was truly masterful, over 100 acres with tons of booths (many of which sported their own soundsystems), easy to access vendors, working water fountains (!) and added perks which came later. Only downside was the eventual delugation of mud and filth, but I'm used to that.
The first area that I headed to was Area 3, the "Trance room" ( " " indicate there was actually no Trance) which was actually sporting some bumping House courtesy of DJ Reza. This area was ideal due to its concrete floor and raw space available. Good energy early on from everyone, bumping and grinding to the cyclical House seasons. But House alone cannot please a man. No sir.

I was off to the Jungle area to catch the end of Raymond Roker's set with MC ?, some decent "hard" jungle laid down, but some of the tracks were almost pure amen break with a shredding bass line. Not my idea of interesting nor compelling.

Area 3 of Jujubeats, near the BMX demo, about 80 yards from the DJ booth

Thankfully, Terra Form came up and laid down some nice music. Structures within structures, lots of change-up snares, high-octane, at sometimes scattered breaks and well programmed atmospheres. I Didn't get a look at their gear, but whatever it was, it was certainly analog and large. Quality Drumnbass, hmm, haven't said that in awhile.
Area 1 about 300 yards from the DJ Booth. On the map in the event guide (scroll down), you would be at the bottom left of Area 1, facing where the arrow points to.
The dancers really took to it too, a circle formed with some awesome styles being shown off, particularly some unreal ticking and tutting. For those not in the know, ticking is a rapid shaking of the body, creating a strobe effect. Tutting, commonly referred to as boxing, is forming angles with one's hands and geometrically aligning oneself with the rectangular order of the cosmos. Get that? So Terra Form kicked ass and I stayed for their entire set. Then Deacon came on with MC Kemst, wasn't really into Deacon's beats, but Kemst put on a nice show with some melodic bouncy rhymes.
At this point, I left to the main area (Area 1), where I spent the next hour enrolled in Wally Callerio University. Major? House. Fraternity? The Funk! Wally's been one of my favorite house DJs since I began listening to it and he did not dissapoint. He played a lot of tracky, sometimes vocal house, with builds and plenty to get your groove on to.
The builds got a little annoying, but otherwise it was a solid set. Jason Blakemore came on next, and had a really great set. Then came DJ Dan, and continued with a set of punchier House with harder sounds. I really started to notice the deficiencies of the sound system at this point as the arena, which was bordered by 5 speaker sets, rebounded and refracted sound creating a disorienting, near-train wrecking sensation. Oh well, keep dancing. After awhile, I felt it was time to move on, and once again pulled up my stakes and moved south.

I spent the next hour checking out booths, I was really impressed with the Dance Safe booth which offered free drug testing, condoms and candy. Plus, information on drug use and its effects. Truly a great idea and I'm glad to see it active in Southern California. I was disappointed with the "ONE" booth as they were just playing House, while their parties tend to slam Techno, but alas. The Narnia booth was shamefully excessive, and the clothing and jewelry booths just made me too sick to even look at. It was definitely time for more music.

A vendor booth, lights tweaked by Photoshop 5.0

Where to? Area Two, Bumble Bee Memorial. I got here just in time to see Gene Farris take over. He was playing mainly vocal house and melodic house. The vocal house was mostly hits with a few misses, but things really got hot when gogo dancers came onto stage and pushed their sweaty, artificial cunts into the crowd, pumping those asses like funky jackhammers.
Truly a supreme set it was, capped by the inclusion of a pitched-down "The Bells" by Jeff Mills, which pumped the crowd into a frenzy, then moving into a Van Helden track. Great fun. But what's this? Glaude's on! Time to go! I left Mr. Farris jumping and jiving, and bouldered head-ON into the PIT that was Donald Glaude's now legendary Jujubeats 2000 set. How to describe it? Think of over a thousand people cramming to the front of the concrete "Trance" Area, desperately trying to get a gander at the single hottest women I have ever seen in my lifetime. Short skirts, thongs, feathered scarves, perfect asses, ok, I'm definitely obsessing. Right, back to the music. Slamming techno that did NOT surrender, making use of filtered effects, stomping bass drums and excessive, but welcomed builds and climaxes. Normally I hate builds. Normally I think they're panderous, idiotic, cliched and repetitive. But this time I had an ass in my face. So it worked. Insane techno, with one or two unwelcome trance records, insane women and an insane crowd, truly a climax worthy of the word "rave."

I left beaten, horny, broken and delusional. And all I want is MORE.
Area 3 circa 4am, Kipper is in the center, with Adverse 13 in red, obviously wanting MORE



Jujubeats 2000 was the best party of the year so far.** I spent most of my time in the Jungle area. The stage was lit up by pink,peach, and blue lights. There were huge animated balloons with a projector shooting black and white film clips on them. Behind the DJ were flowers and Hawaiian dancers projected onto classroom sized movie screens. The dancer girl was, to my surprise, perfectly on beat with the music. Old, rusty, military trucks were flooded by eerie orange lights at each side of the stage. Respect for other's space was high, which is important to me. The vibe was peaceful and yet amped. Everyone seemed happy to be there. My boi, Donnie, found our friend Jason just a couple of minutes after we planted ourselves in our dancing area, and that is when the party started.

The first tracks that I paid any attention to were familiar, so I was excited to hear them so loud! MC ? (MC Question Mark) was coming onto the stage. He was shouting out to the LA JUNGLISTS and telling the crowd what a good time he was having in Kali !! I got near to the stage just in time to catch my favorite part of the party, MC ? was holding up his lighter... "Wait for the bass.... wait for the bass... the anticipation is killing me..." BOOOMM!! In felt bass move through every cell in my body, grabbing my stomach and heart and shaking them to test their strength. Everyone who had a lighter held it in the air when the bass hit! I could do nothing but smile. EZ Rollerz threw down a perfect set of earth splitting bass with well-liked, yet rarely heard tracks. The MC and DJ stage presence of the EZ Rollers woke us up like a slap to the face. The reaction I witnessed varied. Some looked refreshed, others looked absolutely shocked that they were witnessing this phenomenal party. Some of the kids looked like they were gonna cry tears of happiness, while others looked like they had heard the track too many times.
This is why I like the JUNGLISTS. They pay attention to their surroundings, music, and what's happening on stage. They create unity in the room by all having their lighters lit, or all throwing their hands up when the bass hits. They show respect by paying attention to the tracks, the DJ’s mixing, and to the MC’s words. Jujubeats had all that and more.

Although I was pleased with the interaction and behavior of the crowd, there was a fight. I don’t have a clue as to how it got started. Maybe someone stepped on someone’s shoes (?). It got broken up soon after it started and I forgot about it after ten minutes.

The music and hanging with my friends was way too chill for me to pay attention to it any longer than to see that there was a fight. The people involved looked pretty fuckin’ scared, but there's no excuse. I expect people to be more mature.

There were also a few mosh pits. Those belong at punk shows, or if they are going to be at a rave, they belong in the hardcore rooms. The mosh pits were unexpected and disappointing. Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t a mosh/punk vibe clash with an irie/chill vibe?

We eventually ventured over to the big house room (Area 1) to hear Sneak and Doc Martin. The atmosphere was so different. Colorful, fuzzy, glowing, sparkling, drooling, sweating, eyes rolled back into their heads, swinging, spinning, shivering, dancing.
What I’m trying to say is that the majority of these people looked and acted like was walking, talking, breathing acid trips! After just a little while, Donnie looked down at me and said, “Yo, I gotta go home...” but it was only 2am, so I asked, “Already!?” He answered, “I mean, I gotta go back to the Jungle room."

Back home, Donnie, Jason, and I had a flow circle going. I've was laying down melodic vocals over the D&B, while the guys free styled. It was so much fun...Jason was rolling, and Donnie and I were sober. Jason had two people to watch out for him and make sure he was OK while Donnie and I teased Jason about rolling (We also got a contact high from a nearby joint). What made Jujubeats memorable for me was that we did not give a fuck about anything going on outside of our space. The only thing we were concerned with was each other and the music. Jason kept calling me "Lil' Sista." I like it, maybe if I get big that's what I'll call myself.

By now it was.. what’s time? My sense of time was gone. One moment, I was stoked to have gotten into the party without getting searched, and the next it was daylight and we were on our way home. It’s like there was no time line for me at this party. The whole thing was just one big event!

 **(well, maybe it was the best party that Lila went to - 37)

I’m sure all the other writers hit up on the music and the location, I want to lay my hands down on the vibe. Some parties have the bad kind which could be the shut-down early, too many people on too many drugs kind, the average kind which are the majority, happy people, good music, good night kind and then there’s the Jujubeats kind.

With six cars full of people it was no wonder we didn’t get to Juju beats until 10 pm. We tried the whole “we’re leaving from [insert meeting point here] at [insert precisely one hour before you REALLY want to leave here] and you’d better be there because we are leaving at [restate time]” but so and so didn’t have a ride and whoever forgot this and that, but finally we were on the road.

Apparently someone in the front of the caravan knew a short cut to Lake Perris so we missed all the traffic coming off the freeway. I was sure we’d get stuck with a few (or a million) cars heading to the parking lot but it was actually very well organized (in our experience).

My friends had all gotten their tickets at Higher Source but I’d gotten mine online from www.groovetickets.com. A decent price and a speedy entrance kept me happy until I reached the especially rough security. The unpleasant search was over fast and it was time to go through the gates.

While waiting for the rest of the group my girlfriend and I hit the bathroom. I know everyone that the smart thing to do is take care of business before going into the party, but the line at the gas station was way too long. Much to my surprise and joy – the bathrooms were actually well lit, clean (all things considered, I mean, there is a RAVE there) and overall pretty friendly. Even more commendable is that it stayed that way, even when I went back later at five am.

After collecting all our people we walked through into the “Trance” area (I know I know “That’s not Trance” Mark so kindly pointed out, well, as kind as a Junglist can! I heard people calling it Trance, I *sometimes* heard something that sounded like Trance even though most everything sounded like House . . . but what do I know?) Anyhow, we squeezed through the gate onto the field in the big area and set up our tent. (Did she say “tent”?!) Yes I did. Somehow our friend Ian got a tent in. It was even a comfortable one. So we set up our tent, in a nice spot, off to the side. My friends proceeded to do the various drugs while I decided to go on a sober expedition. I like to search and find a vibe.

The music might be what makes my heart beat but the vibe is what makes it grow.

I wasn’t my usual bright and friendly self (a cold night equals navy pullover equals covering up my “huggable” tigger shirt) so I thought I might be able to sneak incognito into the Jungle area and see what was happening in the land of scary beasts. And, imagine that, there was a fight. Disgusted and discouraged I made my way out of the acid induced stares and headed back to the tent, I can always listen to Jungle in my car. (Isn't it cute how Katey is scared of Junglists? -37)

Back at the tent the vibe was growing strong we had dancers and sitters and everyone was healthy and happy. After making sure my friends were doing okay I grabbed some “walkers” and let them take me on another adventure, steering them away from the jungle area. We ventured out toward the booths and stands because there was something my friend eagerly said I “had to see” (you know the enthusiasm I’m talking about). It ended up being the little gold Buddha sitting by the Narnia booth and that was something that made me happy. It made me happy because it made my friend happy to show it to me. My heart started to swell and I was ready to feel this party. After telling some deserted people about the tent and sending the “walker” back with them I wandered around alone some more. Alone. That sounds silly.

I definently wasn’t alone because even if I hadn’t run into them yet I was about to reunite with at least fourteen different people that I’d met before at thirteen different parties as well as meet a ton of new kids.

Feeling rejuvenated I figured on giving the Jungle area one more shot, so I bounded back determined to find a friendly face in the dark crowd. Distracted by the Red Bull tent and remembering I was supposed to meet up with Mark (I had an eagle-eye out for Mickey Mouse gloves and an orange vest). "I ran into a mutual aquaintances and they took me through the jungle crowd where they thought he might be. They took me through the jungle crowd where they thought Mark might be. When we got to the other side, coming up empty handed, I nudged (and was nudged) back toward the front and middle of the swarm. I thought I saw Mark, but it was stranger. I explained that I was looking for someone and I was confused, and he replied that he could be who I was looking for and then smiled. (He smiled?!) Ah, yes, a smile from a shark. I am still amused that with all the House to choose from at Jujubeats my experience here was the most exciting. My heart was even growing in the Jungle room, my friends couldn’t believe it. Mission accomplished, now get out of there before they realize the mistake they’ve made and close in. I let that beat pump my blood for a little while longer and then I headed out and eventually found Mark.***

I wanted everyone to have as much fun as I was having so I went about my usual party activity. It consists of paying attention to the people around me and supplying a good feeling even if it’s just a smile, a helping hand or a friendly hug. I gave light shows, back rubs and conversation, I even cuddled in some puddles (but that gets boring fast when you are sober so I moved along). I met a sweet sad-looking girl in the bathroom and after trying to cheer her up by tricking the people coming in to thinking she and I were in line to use the empty stalls I finally asked her what was wrong. She looked up and said she was cold. A problem easily solved when you meet the right party kids – I gave her and her friends directions to the tent where there were sweatshirts, blankets and bodies. I didn’t think she’d make it over there but by the time I got back she was already there snuggling with some of my friends.

The day after a party I make a point to call all my new friends just to say “I remembered you, I’ll get in touch next time we rave.” Call the people you met at Jujubeats –if you didn’t get their number, just think about them once in a while. And if you feel your heart swelling, that’s just someone thinking about you.

(By the way, to the guy who left his blue blanket in our tent, we packed the tent up at 6am but I gave your blanket to Angie, the cold girl from the bathroom, when we left. She thanks you I’m sure, and I owe you a blanket. If you read this you can get in touch with me through the magazine.)

Top: This is the cover of the Event Guide for Jujubeats 2000. We printed these for B3 Cande in exchange for their extreme generosity in terms guest listing Rave On Magazine. Having the whole staff at Jujubeats is why this is such a huge and comprehensive review.

Below: The Inside of the Event Guide, please note that the VIP Area was not mentioned in any of the reviews. The rest of the party was much better !