Not for everyone, but for me, Happy Go Lucky was a flawless party. The House area hosted favorite DJs, including Bad Boy Bill who (true to form) played a very non House track in the middle of his set. I won't say that it was Jungle, but I will say that SDF-1 played it towards the end of his set at Sugarbeats the night before. Whatever it was, everyone was twisting and shaking to that funky record.
On the asphalt of the Proud Bird's outdoor area there was room to move and dance, especially if you kept some distance from the main speakers. Powered by Bill, Frankie Bones, Terry Mullen, and Reza, I felt the need to dance throughout the cool LA night.
The House line up was surely the strong point of this party. You could not ask for more talent, especially considering that there were less than five thousand people (remember last year, when that was a massive?) Being five minutes from LAX, Jumbo Jets added noise you could feel a few times each hour, which just made the party that much more fun. Inside were the Trance, Jungle and Hardcore rooms.




Trance was a huge E-puddle littered with glow sticks. This room was Trance, complete with people bumping into and stepping on each other, overpowered by the "I need what I want" selfishness that comes with E. It was warm, dark, humid, and gross. The Jungle and Hardcore people at HGL were different.
The Jungle and Hardcore rooms fit the molds of there respective genres. In the Hardcore area, you could feel the tension in the air the closer you came to the dance floor/mosh pit. It was fun to trip on the fear that at any moment, a fight would break out, and a few did. None the less, it was a fun part of the party because it provided stark contrast to the kinder gentler vibe in the other areas.
Token Kande Kid Nicole 3 adds:

Even though I was constantly searching for people, I still had a good time. It turns out that even at 3:00am, the line to get in was still down the street. My friends didn't get in till 3:00am. They were pissed. I would be, too... gotta feel for those kids. The venue was WAY overcrowded.... the stuffy e-tarded trance room being the only ENTRANCE into the building made it tough. The sound outside was AWFUL.
During Frankie Bones, the speakers kept glitching in and out, and even when they were on... it was pure static. It was FREEZING there, so I am sure the vendors made a lot of money from sweatshirts...
lucky them.


Frankie Bones configures sound equipment during his set, does not look happy or lucky.
The bathroom thing was ridiculous. The girls bathroom got shut down, and the women were forced to use the men's, and that didn't go well.
can I borrow your tooth brush?

the boys/girls room prompted that family feeling...
Junglist Geometry Lesson There really wasn't much of a vibe here. I was terrified to go into the Jungle room... and when we finally did... it was like nothing. The breakers were AWESOME.... the dancers deserve mad props... yet, I still don't like Jungle. I caught a bit of Tron's hardcore set, which was awesome... They replaced hardcore with happycore at about 2:00 or 3:00, I believe... and it stayed that way for the rest of the night. It was some great happycore, though... Lostboy tore it up... and all the KandE Kids were in heaven.... doing their super fast nordictrack to their favorite happy songs. I heard the SAME trance song... sandstorm, and zombie nation being played over and over again. WOW, those two got old.

is it real, or is it PHOTOSHOP?
what seemed like endless Tonka speakers was not enough ensure great sound.

Happy Go Lucky Proud Bird venue boasted luxury accommodations such as leather chairs, and bathrooms that were much better than any other venue, even if they were co-ed.

November 24 (Friday) – Happy Go Lucky by ROAM

Coming at you from the Proud Bird, 5 Minutes from LAX... Featuring Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Bones, Terry Mullan, Reza, & J.Splat in the House room! With Paule, Thee-O, Chris Bohn, Kamayo, Huggie, Brian Fine pushin Progressive/Trance/NRG ... none other than Rob Gee, with Tron, Capsule, Mindcontroller, Dutchboy Vs. Lostboy, Milhouse, & Twinkle Boi Vs. Notorious in the Hardcore/Happycore ... and SDF-1, Deacon, Dj W, Alder, Jason Angel, Don, Origin on the Drum & Bass.. + Coolwhip & Drez slammin' some Hip Hop! Four areas of lights and sound with 2 full bars for u 21+ kidz.