Fruit is good, and it is good for you.

Candy is yummie, but it is not good for you.

This does not mean that you should not eat candy, or that candy is bad for you, but that you should not expect for it to be one thing, when it is actually another.

On the car ride home from Dizzyland, I asked my friend “is raving fruit or candy.” Donnie is smart, so he said that it was both. In many ways, the rave is fruit. It is healthy because it is new or spectacular or rewarding.

When you go to a party and you meet some one new, and you exchange phone numbers, and you teach her how to spin, or she teaches you how to dance, or you fall in love, you got something from the experience. When you roll with your best friend from 3rd grade and you tell him that you miss him, you have gained. When you understand plur, you don’t need to hug every person you meet, but you know that conflict, hate, isolation and contempt are wrong, and you live your life accordingly. Understanding plur, is the Tropicanna x Sunkist 72 hour tweaker set of fruit.

When you kiss the girl you met at midnight, and you are happy about it for a few weeks, a great thing has happened. But when you kiss the girl you met at midnight, and you have done that at the last nine parties, and you party twice a week, your eating candy. And it is yummie, and you want more, and you could have more. Maybe you should have more…but it is not sustenance.

When you shroom at Electric Daisy Carnival 99, and you realize why people love there children, you just ate a whole bag of dopity dope peaches. But when you shroom at Wake N Bake 00, and you are scared to death of the LA Jungle crowd, and you sit in a ball, in a puddle, in the rain, clutching your $20 glow sticks (bad purchase, but at least they were orange and blue) knowing that if something happens to those glow sticks, you will absolutely not be able to deal, it was not fruit or candy. It was poison. But learning your lesson was fruit.