I pleaded, I begged, my knees-a bloody pulp, but the camera could not go to masterdome with me. Why I asked, what is the harm in a camera. What could I possibly do that might hurt someone. Well, the Masterdome crew knows what someone could potentially do with a camera. I had to walk all the way back top the car and leave the camera. Here’s something you kids missed, it’s not pictures but it pretty damn close.

“Give me a “T”!!!” is usually what comes to mind when one mentions outgoing. Unfortunately, outgoing personality is not within all of us. Sometimes it seems that to get the guts to walk up to someone and talk can be the hardest thing to do in the world. That is why it’s a good thing there’s E. E adds to the party by giving everyone that little acceptance, that little spunkiness and outgoingness that nature did not provide. At Heartbeatz this spunkiness and outgoingness was captured in my mind when a sweet girl came up and started talking to me. She was rolling and I’m glad that she was. I don’t know how great we would have gotten a long otherwise. I spotted her from about four feet away. She was wearing very cute jean overalls with a cute shirt that was barely visible due to the eye-catching candy. She had a good figure and the funny glasses along with dirty blonde pigtails expelled of pure energy. Her arms were bent at the elbows, kept close to her body as she was swaying, legs bent to allow the sway of the hips, that were shifted just a little bit to the right to match the happy hardcore beat. Her smile was everlasting, inviting me for a hug before I ever met her. Right behind her was a booth selling dayglo jewlery, the black light reflecteing off of her white kandy made her glow like a dessert night's sky.

Sleeping on the Speaker
Not all people were that into the party. As I passed through the Main “Trance” Area I walked up the walkway onto the stage to see the DJ performing. As I looked towards the room, I saw a man lying on the speakers. Amidst the music and the reflecting laser beams streaming every which direction from the disco ball, there he was, sleeping, and snoring no doubt, right on top of the speakers. He was about 280 and 6’3 from what I could tell. I barely say him due to his black skin, balding head, a blue T-shirt, black shorts and black shoes. The only thing that really caught my eyes was as he was lying on his side, his legs falling off the speakers, two thick white lines that I recognized to be his socks, were streaming towards the floor. Inside a room bursting with energy, kids dancing under the flashing lights, glowing lasers and a thumping trance beat along with long trance scales; and him, on his side; legs, twisted at the hips, falling off his bed, lost in the trance of his sleep.

“I love me!”
From where I was she seemed very tall. Dancing on the speakers she was hard to miss. She had a great body with long legs made evident by the short black skirt. Her reflective white shirt made her very visible, and the ‘I “heart” Me’ written across her chest gave her a funny yet sexy character. Her light blond hair in ponytails reflected the light along with the flowing pink boa that flowed on top of her shoulders and found its way into her hands. Her smile and energetic dancing only added to the vibe and energy of the trance room, making her forever fixed, as she smiled into the crowd on top of the speakers with the “I love me” shirt and pink boa pushing her out to the front of the scene.

Not Farfrompukin
To all things there exists a negative aspect. As I was walking off the floor, I saw a guy with his hands braced on the two sides of the trash can and his body bent over as if he were about to jump in. His gray long shorts had a zebra type cloth band running in a loop was attached to the shorts. He had a gray shirt on with white drawings of an eye and a hand. His visor was sloppily put to the side and the New Balance shoes were worn out thin. His round pale face seemed very young especially with the light blond shaved head, which was contrary to his thick physique. Gagging over the trashcan seemed to me like this dancer may have over done it that night.

Just Standing
Sometimes it’s a good thing when someone isn’t dancing, and sometimes those same people shouldn’t be standing. I’ve seen this guy before at the Fox. He wore all Adidas gear and had a very strange dancing style. It was very fluid yet his body was stiff as a board. An intense look came over
his face as he danced, eyes of a serpent darting out at the ravers around him. The case was a complete opposite at the Masterdome during Heartbeatz. I don’t know whether he decided to watch and learn or just not dance, that’s up to him, but the intense look was even more penetrating than the Fox stare. A British guard could not stand so motionless and devoid of feeling. The only thing that seemed to move were his pupils, shifting side to side from one dancer to another unemotional to all that occurred around him. His gray outfit matched his dark skin, camouflaging him while his persistent stare frightened those around him. No matter what room he was, music seemed to not exist, only dancers. I don’t know what your name is, but if you happen to read this, dancing is
not simply about dancing, its about the music and your expression of it. I would rather see you perfect your unique style a thousand more times that see a perfect copy of someone else’s dance.

Sober and Having Fun
Wearing a bright orange shirt to match the bright orange pants, matching shoes and an orange Adidas visor, he seemed to be fixed in his shield; made of two glowsticks on strings that he was masterfully spinning. Every time he moved his hands over his head and behind his back; the glowsticks moved so fast that it seemed like there was a huge green propeller attached to his back. His tall figure seemed to come forth and a look of complete concentration enveloped over his stoic face. A green laser hit his visor just right, and splitting in couple different directions as if right at that moment his plur was at the state of climax and the energy transferred out of the spinning propeller and left his body in a huge cataclysm, bouncing in every single direction, infecting those in the circle around him.

Lights Ceiling Caving In
The trance room was filled with fog, steam, and perspiration rising from the hot, dancing, bodies. A green laser shot out from the center stage, cutting through the air and appearing on huge nets hung over the dancers’ heads. It spread in two directions, making a green flat triangle that was parallel to the floor. As the music vibrated, the center of the triangle caved in and out, making the triangle come to life as all rollers looked up in amazement at the eighth wonder of the world.

Happyhardcore Moshpit Vibe
With the tall black speakers of the Happy room as the background, a surfer danced. Looking wild with the medium length blonde hair, tanned skin, yellow T-shirt, red shorts, all-stars and candy necklace around his neck; whaling his arms back and forth to the music and sliding his legs as if he was promoting the Nordic Track. Amusing in sight alone, but somehow joyous scene at the same time. A double oxymoron in the same room. But that’s not the shot I would have taken. Another kid with a shaved head and a height of about 6’2”, charged at the surfer full speed and trying to knock him down. Failing mostly except for once where the surfer almost went down to the ground, yet just like after every attempt he got up and continued dancing as if nothing had happened. Amazing
contrast of focus on peace and music colliding with a focus on violence.

Massage the Back
Getting a bit smarter, the surfer runs away from Hardcore and moves down to the Jungle area. He searches out a hot rollin girl, and invites her onto his back for a kinky massage. They stand back to back with arms in a pretzel as if they were about to teeter-totter. The surfer teeters her onto his back and begins to move his back from side to side, shaking the girl from one side to the other. The mosher in the red shirt runs over to help out by grabbing by the overalls and swinging her legs from side to side. It’s very amusing listening to girls scream and watch their pony tails fly from one side to the other as she is getting the message of her life.


Dedicated to the memory of Mike Shaw