by Mark E 37

In terms of difficulty, going to the MasterDome for a small Friday night Party is "Raver Mission #1." Going from San Diego to Orange County to pick up your friend, only to drive back to San Diego for the Elements 1 Year Anniversary, only to drive back to Orange County to drop your friend off, only to drive back to San Diego in Monday Morning Ruch Hour Traffic is "Raver Mission #9." Well then, I would have to say that EDC 2000 was "Raver Mission #99."

In fact the venue was off of the 99, a highway 2 hours North of LA off of the 5, that I had never even heard of before. That meant that the party was a solid 5 hour drive for the San Diego people. Even so, it was worth every minute, every penny, and everything else it took to get there.

The vibe for this event was in place even before we reached LA, as we threw Jolly Ranchers (3/3) into the open window of another car, and later received a Blow Pop (1/3) from other Party Kids the same way.

Turning the drive into part of the adventure was what made it bearable. Since the drive was over 3 hours for most people, everyone there was 100% committed to making the very best of an already great situation, and must be considered one of the factors that made this event great.

Another Factor could be that the Venue was absolutely perfect, with literally acres of room for the massive number of people. Each Area had plenty of dancing room, and the Sound Systems were truly loud. It was even slightly less dusty and dirty than last year.

Another Factor was that this was the best Jungle Line up of the Year for Southern California, with great jungle DJ's, and great MC's rhyming along side them all night. One of my friends who stayed in the Jungle Area for 9 straight hours said that Diesel Boy's set was the dopest, with Diesel Boy and Bad Company teaming up as the highlight of the night.

In case you did not want to hear Jungle for 9 straight hours, but wanted to break t up with some some House, you were out of luck during the Freestlyers SURPRISE JUNGLE -YES I SAID JUNGLE - SET IN THE HOUSE AREA. It was refreshing, because DJ's usually do not dare to cross Genres, and being a Junglist, I get a kick out of Jungle being forced on people. House Heads were not disappointed, though, as the rest of the time there were great, and very unique performances by DJ Dan, Scott Henry, and Bad Boy Bill.

The Trance was also great, I am told, with BT having a notably great set. Interestingly enough, even the happy hardcore was really good, and I don't usually like happy hardcore.

The Full Size Carnival rides were cool, I guess, but I did not have time for even one, as I did not want to miss any more music than I had to, it was bad enough that I could only enjoy one area at a time.

As a Leisure Time Professional, I hesitate to make statements such as this, but this was probably the best rave that I have ever been to, with EDC 99 being the second best. Insomniac, I give it up to you guys. This was a very well organized event, right down to the free oranges in the morning, which was perfect after eating candy all night.



by San Diego Junglist Marcus

OK, well where should I start? I think that I have to start off with OH MY MOTHER FUCKING GOD!!!!! I personally believe that those five words alone describe how good this party was. People often say that massives suck. I will most definitely agree with that because most of them aren't that good due to the amount of people and the room to fit all those people in being way too small. Audiotistic 2000 is a prime example of that. Well in case I have contradicted myself too much, EDC was not a shitty massive. This party was the true definition of what a massive is supposed to be. TONZ of room to fit every screaming party kid.

In terms of music, EDC had one of the best line-ups of the year. House lovers got to see sets from their favorite DJ's like Dan, Scott Henry, Bad Boy Bill, and Simply Jeff. From what I was told the house room rocked and the little touch of Jungle by the Freestylers was definably cool.

Trance headz enjoyed the sounds of BT, Westbam, Sandra Collins (promoting Tranceport III, her new Album), John Kelly, Mars, and Dyloot. This room was probably the most crowded room of the night, but still had enough room for everyone to dance. This room definably had a good vibe.

A little something special for all the hardcore junkies that came out for the event. Ron D. Core spun an amazing old skool Techno set that sent people to another world. Fester also busted some old skool that went off. Also in the hardcore room was Omar Santana, Rob Gee, and Simon Apex.

Junglists were the luckiest of the night however. Myself being a junglist I spent 9 hours straight in this room with no thoughts what-so-ever on going to any of the other rooms. This room went off. The night started off with sets by Scooba and Sub-Flow. The next set which started at 10:30, was by the one and only Curious. This guy went off. Usually Curious can rock a crowd pretty good, but this was way better. He was doing so well that even Diesel Boy who was scheduled to spin at 11:30 waited an hour to let curious bust. Diesel Boy was up next. Now hear this out, Deez usually spins fat sets that everyone loves, but this was straight up the best set I have ever heard him spin, and I am not the only one who thinks this. MC Fearless, who was MC'ing for Deez at the time, even said that Diesel Boy will ruin every other DJ on stage with a his set. After Diesel Boy spun, Bad Company came on which was dope and made even doper by dieselboy who tag-teamed with Bad Company for almost 2 hours. Next was Kenny Ken, who with MC Darrison, was hella sick. An unforgettable moment was when DJ SS came on right when the sun came up. He spun a totally dope set as you looked at his silhouetted body. After him was DJ Tao who spun until the event ended.

People, I really do put out all the greatest sympathy for all those who weren't able to attend the best event I have ever been to. I won't speak too soon, because I am sure that this is only the beginning of the summer of 2000!!!