This is one of the Security guards that you will see at the Masterdome. This guy is not just a thug, though, he is an actor waiting for his first big break. This is the first security guard that we have found that would actually pose for a picture, most of the other guys are a little out of shape,
or just plain ugly.


Here is the Masterdome Security guard pretending to set Sunkist Straight for violating the
Masterdome's strict code of conduct, which can be summed up with "if you are afraid that
security is going to see you do it, then it is not allowed."

This is Caffine Raver Sunkist, who we met in front of the Masterdome for Hearbeatz. What I can tell you about this guy is that he is one hell of a good viber, and he can bust out street style with glowsticks on long strings.
OK, you rookie ravers, first you get two glowsticks, then you put your hands like this, then you make a figure eight, then you repeat ten thousand times, or until it looks fluid, whichever comes first...
Here is our guy emitting an erie glow with the help of Rave On Magazine's Mickey Mouse Gloves. How much practice did it take to learn that, I wonder??
Straight up taking care of business: "Stay near that wall, people"
"Ok, remember that this is just a picture, OK?"